Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Death Pie Chapter 2

And for Mahjongkrazy's second release, we bring to you the second chapter of the epic Mahjong Manga, Death Pie!! And this chapter is pretty much all Mahjong; we're introduced to Muramatsu, who always gets Double Riichi...!

Thanks to our friends at HappyScans! for working on this with us.

'kay, I said I wasn't gonna do too much blogging on this series, but really, how could I NOT bring up the freaking amazing strategy that is Muramatsu's No-Ten Double Riichi? In case you didn't catch it, he grabs a tile from the wall, and if he likes what he sees, he replaces it with a tile in his hand he wants to get rid of in a style similar to Ichikawa's trick from Akagi; quickly moving the tile over his hand and grabbing the displaced tile.

There are two real problems with this tactic, however. One is that he needs his wait at the end to be on tiles that have not been played before, or else it would be Furiten (after calling riichi, you have to win off the first winning tile you get or you can only win by Tsumo). While that would not be illegal per se, it would seem very suspicious to pass up on a winning tile when you already had a double riichi in place, so he avoids Furiten like the plague. The second problem is that, if he fails to get into Tenpai by the end of the game, he'll be forced to pay a Chombo penalty for calling a No-Ten Riichi.

The benefit to this strategy would be that, of course, he gets an extra Han for calling Double Riichi, and gets to massively intimidate players who believe that his Double Riichis are real. But because of the flaws to his strategy, Tobioka is able to totally own his soul by not only playing all the tiles he could possibly wait on for Tenpai in one turn, but then getting a legitimate Double Riichi on the next turn and obliterating him.

...Okay, maybe I'll have to start giving this series the full blogging treatment, even if it's primarily HappyScans' thing. Looking forward to more, to be sure.

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  1. The plot thickens...Wonder who that woman is.