Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Akagi Chapter 142

Another chapter of Akagi, and the last one of volume 16, as well as the last of what I like to call the "2nd Part" of the Washizu Arc, the 5th Hanchan! And as with 141, this chapter was typeset by the wonderful and dare I say ravishingly handsome Smokey, as Kazuhiko is still without internet.

Thanks to Deakachu for the cleans, and to Smokey for the typesetting!

"For better or worse, the final Hanchan has been set in motion!"

Well, I was right, Akagi did bring up the fact that Suzuki is just as capable as Yasuoka of pulling off a false Ron or Tsumo to end the round quickly. I like how his "one condition" is something that benifits neither player, and the agreement that it was a condition for actually drastically lowers his chances of success. Just shows how confident Akagi is that he'll win. Besides, Washizu only has 27.5 Million Yen left... 27,500 points. With just 4 more Mangans, he can take that away from Washizu, no sweat. Why even worry about the end of the match? Unless those 4 Mangans turn out to be very difficult to squeeze out of Washizu... In which case it's very possible for Washizu to win a massive amount from Suzuki and run away with his lead. Will the game come down to how long it takes for Akagi to get those 27,500 points in direct hits? Or will it instead be Akagi who needs to run away with his lead? Find out in the next Volume of Tohai Densetsu Akagi!!

...Only, you're gonna have to wait a bit, because of Kazuhiko's internet people. Also, expect some more Rude 39 from the Non-Kaiji team, and possibly even a special surprise...!


  1. Akagi is such a tease...I NEED MOREEEE.

    On a side note, you know it's a surprise when even I don't know what it is yet xD

  2. An awesome volume. Thanks so much! As usual, seeing Washizu squirm is amusing but towards the end Akagi also seemed to struggle a little which is a nice change.

    Gotta admit I'm intrigued by that surprise. :P

  3. Thank you very much for translating this manga, i await every new release with tension!

  4. Wow, 2 chapters in 2 days. And I love your surprises :)

    Keep up the good work! Thank you^^

  5. I'm loving that crazy smile on Akagi's face. I think this is the most emotion we've seen him from so far.