Monday, June 11, 2012

Akagi Chapter 141

Surprise! More Akagi, at long last! You've probably been wondering just what the heck was taking us so long to get the next chapter done... Well, Kazuhiko recently moved, and as a result he had no internet for a few days. But that few days turned into a week and a half, so I emailed him to ask what was wrong, and in one of his spots of internet connectivity, he managed to reply that his internet people are "idiots to the max", and that he doesn't know when he'll be back. So I enlisted the help of one of Kazuhiko's good friends and an infrequent typesetting understudy for FKMTkrazy, Smokey, to get 141 and 142 done in the time it takes Kazuhiko to get back online. So it's gonna be nothing but DKaiji indefinitely until Kazuhiko gets back online.

Thanks to Deakachu for the quick cleans, Smokey for filling in on the typesetting, and to Mr. Peng Yang, Mr. Crump Biggums, and Mr... js06 for being so diligent as to keep y'all too occupied with DKaiji to notice that there was a shortage of Akagi chapters.

"Why, it's only law enforcement, detective!"

As little as actually got accomplished in this chapter, I loved it because of Washizu and Akagi's exchange of dialogue. Washizu looked so elated when Yasuoka was shouting at him about what he wanted him to, and then so deflated when Akagi hit the nail on the head regarding what his actual intentions were. But the whole thing about false rons and false tsumos was pretty interesting, considering that the notion had never been brought up before, but was certainly always there. I felt like I didn't explain it enough in the translation notes when the Chombo Penalty was brought up, but basically you have to pay a penalty in mahjong if you make a critical mistake (like declaring a false win, having a hand with too many or too few tiles, knocking the wall over beyond repair, etc.) or are caught cheating. The round ends after you make the payment, since if it continued afterwards then someone would be at a disadvantage through no fault of their own, be it because everyone knew their hand or because soemone else had cheated and would have some advantage through it. However, since Yasuoka and Suzuki's scores don't count for anything, they can just make an error on purpose and suffer all the penalty in order to get their partner out of a sticky situation. I imagine Akagi is going to press Washizu about Suzuki doing that in the next chapter, as well.


  1. When Washizu first brought it up I thought his plan was to declare a false tsumo/ron himself, to get the game cancelled. But the actual reason for him suggesting it was better.

  2. I love you.

    Ahem...Professionally, of course.

  3. AKAGI!!! thanks!