Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MKaiji Chapter 23

Four days, four releases? Why not? It's time to finish up Volume Two of MKaiji with the release of Chapter 23: Utter Defeat. Once again, thanks to js06 for the amazing translation and Deakuchu for the cleaning. This time however, Sonickrazy passed on the reins to our group, letting us proofread the chapter by ourselves. Hopefully we did well!

"He could only watch them leave!"

This time Kaiji is still in deep trouble. His plan has gone awry, his companions have panicked and fled, and he is left in despair. What's a Kaiji to do? Furuhata seems to have a reasonable idea. Salvage the plan! With the small remaining number of Scissors on the floor, try to win against them with the Rocks while they still exist! Obviously, once the Scissors are gone, the Rocks are utterly useless. They are nothing but dead weight to them, with an extra emphasis on "dead". But Kaiji sees through the "mania" of Furuhata's solution. With an analogy characteristic of Kaiji, he realizes that their plan is now akin to a broken glass: shattered in pieces and completely irreparable. A subtle touch to the analogy is that if you try to pick up shards of broken glass, you may cut yourself and end up in worse condition. Carrying this line of thought to Kaiji's now-broken plan, it seems clear that Furuhata's seemingly bright idea may actually work against them.

The reasoning that Kaiji has for abandoning his plan despite all that he put into it and all that rides on it is especially praiseworthy considering the state-of-mind he is in. Most humans would panic and pull a Furuhata or be swept along with Furuhata's false reasoning like Andou. The "monster" of gambling, as Kaiji put it, is a rather grotesque and addictive creature. And, as it shows, betting on a losing hand is not worth the bet at all, as both Furuhata and Andou both lose their precious stars. And just as Kaiji has all but lost hope, he is greeted by a confident, cigarette-chomping man flanked by none other than the two people Furuhata and Andou were just defeated by! Who could this man be? And why does he look oddly like Kurt Cobain?

Find out next time we release MKaiji! 


  1. It's always good to see a new Kaiji chapter out. It isn't my favourite Fukumoto manga by (that honour goes to Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa), but intelligent analysis of the gambling mentality is something that's always interested me. Dunno why, though. I'm certainly not a gambler myself.
    Looks like quite a turning point in Kaiji's life. The last chapter was a heck of a cliffhanger, so I'm glad that this is out without too much delay.

    Thank you for the release!

  2. Haha, I remember laughing at Kaiji headbutting Kitami in the anime. Such a silly but cool villain. And yeah, he does look like Kurt Cobain...

    Regarding the poll, personally I'd like to see Hero next but I'll be fine with whatever we get, you know?

  3. MAn where the next release MKaiji! I want so much the ch 24, 25 26 27 and 28!! I wait patience!!!

  4. So long without new chapters... Since like forever. Think about readers, who want to read from beginning. Please!

  5. Hello,

    on mangafox, the ch. 24 and 25 are not the same arc.

    Basically, after this chapter, it jumps into the middle of mahjong arc without letting us know what happened. The chapters after this one are missing.

    It would be great if you could fill those in. Thank you!

  6. I am getting sick and tired of waiting for them to complete this arc. I can understand that the team finds Akagi and that later arcs of Kaiji are more exciting, but I want to see the resolution of the first arc. You can say I should watch the anime to see the resolution, but I want to finish Kaiji how I started it. If someone from the scanlation team sees this, please, at least attempt to finish up the first arc, I love this series to death and I consider it the best gambling manga, but it hurts me to see it incomplete. What if One Piece got rid of the arc where everyone joined Luffy? What if Hajime No Ippo only showed a fourth of the fights? What if no one bothered to scanlate the last volume of Death Note, Parasyte, or The Big O?Call me whiner, a sad nerd, and an arrange of expletives, but I want to see the beginning of something amazing, not in the middle, not in the end, but from the start. Please FKMTkrazy, even if you don't read this, would it be bad if you completed the first arc of Kaiji?