Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 59

It's time for the start of the 7th volume of Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji! I know a lot of you have been looking forward to seeing what will happen next in Minefield Mahjong, because I know I have! But now the wait is over, thanks to our translator js06, our cleaner Biggums, and of course our dear proofreader Sonickrazy.

"Are they telling the truth, or lying?"

We last left off with Kaiji having another one his mental breakdowns/panics as he starts to question the loyalty of his supposed collaborators. Tsk, tsk, Kaiji, don't you have the heart to just trust someone now and then? But his suspicions are not unwarranted. After all, Kaiji's world is one where betrayal spreads as fast as a forest fire and is just as deadly too. Two straight losses just after the stakes are raised is nothing to scoff at. And so Kaiji has no choice but to think up a plan.

He starts out with the obvious, by trying to think up a way to isolate Miyoshi and Maeda so he can question them in private. Only problem is, Kaiji is no interrogator, and he lacks the charisma to charm the two men into telling him the truth. After all, they can simply claim to be giving the president false confidence before striking him down. And even if they are truly betraying Kaiji, there's no way they would admit it so easily. Plus, Kaiji voicing his suspicions to the two could easily break the fragile confidence they have with each other.

But wait! Kaiji has another trick up his sleeve! And we all know how well his tricks work out, eh? He quickly slams his tiles to the edge of the table, and performs what I like to call the "Kaiji Shuffle", which involves an ambiguous movement of his hands and the tiles. Did he move his tiles around? Or was he just straightening them out? Regardless, he then moves onto phase two of his plan, which involves getting up to go to the bathroom. Of course, we have no idea what Kaiji's true intentions are, only that they somehow rely heavily on Miyoshi. Could this be another one of Kaiji's preplanned maneuvers with Miyoshi and Maeda? Or is Kaiji really just looking for an inspired bathroom break?


  1. Happy Birthday James (/^▽^)/

    As a present, I have dug up this little gem of FKMT playing mahjong. Enjoy ^__^


    (Fukumoto participates in parts 07-12)

  2. happy birthday, darling! you're the best ♥

  3. In less than two minutes they've played four turns. This is NOTHING like my FKMT manga.

  4. YES!! THX GUYS!

  5. Damn, this is getting pretty intense. Thanks a lot!