Friday, May 25, 2012

Akagi Chapter 140

After a short break, we're back with more Akagi! In this chapter, Washizu recovers from the intensity of the last round, and Akagi muses on what the next Session will be like. Thanks to Crump and Kazuhiko for their excellent cleaning job! Next chapter, Deakachu will be switching places with Crump in the cleaning department since he doesn't want to think of DKaiji as work. As such, Crump is now the Kaiji cleaner, and Deakachu the Akagi cleaner.

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"The place where he would be face-to-face with the foretold man-eating beast!"

I hope none of you forgot how to calculate the end-of-session point totals, because it came up again in this chapter. If you did, check back a few blog posts to refresh your memory.

While Yasuoka and Ohgi are celebrating their victory prematurely, Akagi is looking past that and at the danger of the 6th Session. In it, he foresees an uphill battle with the man-eating tiger that Yasuoka was warning him about wayyyy back in Chapter 63:

Pretty nice to have some continuation like that... though I suppose it's not been really all that long since that metaphor, in-universe or in real life. Still, this callback and the foreshadowing of Akagi's blood transfusion really show how good of a writer Fukumoto is, I think. It does imply, though, that now that Washizu has been brought to a point where his game could be over in one hand, just like Akagi, that heavenly luck that he showed in the blood-transfusion round and the Third Session will only grow more and more. Not to mention that, as was always the case, if Washizu manages to get a good hand and win off Suzuki, he can just focus on speed and run away for the rest of the game... though that wouldn't be very tiger-like. He can also focus on nothing but Tsumos for the rest of the game, and even with small hands he'll be able to chip down Akagi's remaining blood that 500 ccs, though he only really needs a Mangan Tsumo when either he or Akagi is the dealer. Should be an exciting 6th Session.


  1. Man, I thought the first 5 Han Chans were intense. But now I'm dying to see the rest of the match.

  2. Since the narrator is summoning Washizu's unearthly luck once again (like before his Kazoe-Yakuman), I'm predicting that we'll see Washizu slowly building up another huge Yakuman soon. And Akagi will have to find a way to avert it!

  3. Damn it, thanks a lot Sonic.
    I'm also pretty busy but it's always cool to see some Akagi getting translated. Great work as always!

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  5. Wow~ I just found this awesome blog! I've started and finished the Akagi anime in a week and was wondering non-stop what happened to those last 2 Han Chan sessions.

    Thank you so much for translating all these chapters!(*´∀`*)

    I've been looking for these chapters for quite a while. I can imagine the work it takes to clean Fukumoto's pages, and you guys made a super great job. d=(´▽`)=b
    I look forward to more releases from you guys.