Sunday, May 20, 2012

Akagi Chapter 139

And for the 3rd release in 2 days, we have Akagi 139! In this chapter... Washizu finds a way out of his predicament!

Thanks as always to Crump and Kazuhiko for their excellent jobs, and to Penguin71 for taking over the MKaiji blogging for me! :D

"He discovered a heretical pathway to maintain what was left of his life!!"

While it kind of got overshadowed by Washizu's strategy, I found his whole "Akagi is a phantom possessing a human body" analysis to be quite intriguing. It would seem as though Washizu is now convinced that Akagi has some sort of control over the way the tiles move, at least to a certain extent. That's why he chose to deal into Suzuki's hand rather than hope Akagi would deal into his; since Akagi got into Tenpai first, he would most certainly also get his win first, and probably enough Ura-Dora to bump it up to Haneman. It should be interesting to see what Akagi thinks of this move in the coming chapters.


  1. Thank you based James

    1. You've said that before... what do you mean by "based" in that context? >>;;