Sunday, April 15, 2012

Awesomeness: MKaiji Chapters 19 and 20

(Every release in April has started with "A" so far... why would I break a trend like that?)

Yep, we got a new translator, js06! And with him, two new editors, Deakachu for cleaning, and Penguin17 for typesetting! I did the proofreading of js06's script, but Penguin also did a bit of fine-tuning while he was typesetting. So I'm still a part of this, but my part is pretty dang small compared to usual. But yeah, we're gonna be doing the rest of Volume 2, then probably js06 and his team will move on to do DKaiji while the rest of us do Akagi. Yay teamwork!

To be frank, I only briefly read through these chapters, so my proofreading leaves a lot to be desired. But hopefully I can do better next time. The first chapter was typeset by our usual team, Kazuhiko and Biggums, though Biggums did most of the typesetting since Kazuhiko is very busy recently. The second was cleaned by Deakachu and typeset by Penguin17, which is a combination I'm satisfied with.

As for the chapters themselves, Kaiji explains his strategy much better than he did in the Anime; it was kind of unclear what he was going for in the anime, which made it sound like he was just thinking that one card would be more likely to be played than others. But here, he notes that, with no interference, the cards will disappear on a 1:1:1 ratio, removing the hundred's digit to leave them with an overwhelming advantage. He also states that he doesn't want to wait until that point, or else people will get suspicious. It's actually a pretty clever strategy. But I think we all remember what happens next... should be interesting to see what is changed with that.

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  1. Great stuff, nice to see the team expand. The chapters read flawless to me. Excellent work by all imho. Especially good to see a pro like js06 drawn to the fkmtkrazy team.