Friday, March 30, 2012

Rude 39 Chapter 2

Surprise! Rude 39 is back with the thrilling second installment! We've been working on our Anniversary project for a while, so this is actually probably the only release you'll be seeing this week. But expect a mega-release of epic proportions come April! Anyway, in this chapter, Katagiri and Satomi head to the races!

Thanks to Skutieos for the Cleaning, Biggums for the redrawing (removing sound effects and the like), and Kazuhiko for the typesetting! Oh, and Mahjong Day is still on for tomorrow; 23:00 GMT. And that's 5:00 PM for me; I was wrong last time because of daylight savings. >>;;

"I'm feeling a wind of chance that only comes once every 10 years! Mmmm... what a wonderful wind it is..."

Something interesting about this manga is that Katagiri and Satomi fully know that they like each other, but are both trying to avoid the subject, like how Katagiri was dreaming of getting a schoolgirl to date him for money despite having turned down a romantic relationship with Satomi just the other day. But there's still enough hints for it to maintain a "romance" category, even though the story has mostly gone towards the general Gambling aspect over the romantic ones. It's kind of funny that Katagiri blew just about all of his money on Horse-Racing, of all things. But I guess that gives him more room to wow us and Satomi with his Pachinko skills in the next 9 chapters. Satomi is now in control of the money, though she seems pretty willing to give it up as long as it's Pachinko and not some crazy all-in gamble.

The Pachinko strategy in this one was nothing new if you've watched the Bog arc of Kaiji (and I don't know why you wouldn't have), but what's different is that Katagiri actually uses smaller balls, rather than just having it briefly discussed like in Kaiji. Also, the One-Shot concept was carried over for the Bog, only the Bog makes it long and difficult to get to the prize hole that's always open, whereas it's easy to get to the Tulips in this machine normally, but they're only open for a little while after the numbers on the slots match up. Oh, and I have no idea why they're called Tulips. Maybe because they open and shut, kind of like they're blooming?


  1. Thanks for the release! Good to see how Rude 39 is turning out.


  2. I have two sided wait on Akagi and Kaiji ^__^..

  3. I love how Satomi just totally lets Katagiri have it, no matter what she's thinking. And mocks a Fukumoto protagonist for crying while she's at it. These two are great!