Friday, March 23, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 46 & 47

After nearly a week of delay, we're back with a thrilling, intense, exciting double release of DKaiji!! I know I say something like that about every chapter, but seriously, this pair is exceptional in intensity. Go read!

Thanks to Crump for the cleaning! Mahjong Day will be tomorrow at 23:00 GMT, which is 4PM MST (where I am). Be there or be a useless piece of shit who is better off dead!! (read the chapter... I didn't just say that to make you want to come; it's a reference. >>;;)

 "It's turned into a horrible nightmare...!!"

 Well, Kaiji certainly seems quick to beat himself up over his mistakes. But it's pretty amazing that he managed to assess a few sequence-based hands and decide that he couldn't get to Mangan in just 15 seconds, even though there was a hand that he could have used that he didn't see (which Osamu managed to guess last time! Good job to him!!). It's pretty reasonable he couldn't find it, considering he was in a state of panic at the time. But regardless, he sees that he has no shot at Mangan, so he decides to go find at least one of the three missing tiles to get him to tenpai... and knocks over his triplet of 3-man, which Kazuya and Muraoka find hysterical. An intense chapter, paving the way for an even more intense chapter...!

"A useless piece of shit like me has no place in this world!!"

To be honest, a lot of the chapter titles are things that I pick out at the table of contents page without any context whatsoever, and I often get to the chapter itself and find out that the meaning that I translated the kanji as was a bit off from the actual intent of the chapter. But not this time; I feel like I nailed the intent of the chapter with "self-reproach", since Kaiji is totally putting himself down the whole way through.

But yeah, talk about a crazy chapter. Kaiji gets angry, happy, tense, sad, and thrilled all in the space of a single chapter, and it really felt like he could have found the 3 tiles or he couldn't have at this point. Even once he did, the double page spread made it seem like he may have left a tile out or something. But thankfully, his hand is back to normal, and ready for a possible Yakuman, which would earn him Quadruple his bet of 40 million!

Oh, and Kaiji, being in an extreme rush, grabbed his chair and angled it towards the lamp where his tiles were (once again, that lamp is a freaking symbol, I'm saying it now). This was a reasonable action, since it lessened the space he had to run to get back to his tiles, but without realizing it, this puts the President in an awful position, as Maeda had no way of knowing what Kaiji's tiles were. So perhaps it was a good thing that he made that mistake; it gave him an excellent excuse to have Maeda give the president next to no information, minus the 7 tiles he saw while Kaiji was scrambling around on the floor. The round has only just begun!!


  1. Oh man, that was the most intense set up time possible. Breathed out a sigh of relief when Kaiji finally got it. Really glad you posted the 2 chapters instead of just one, would hate to have to stop after Kaiji knocked over some more tiles...

  2. Thank you for your work from France! :D

  3. Kaiji finally caught a break. He better win this round.


    PS I read these chapters after staying up for 25 hours cuz of Relay for Life. Woohoo!