Saturday, March 17, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 44 & 45

Today, we have a double release for you, as promised!! And in these chapters... Kaiji makes a truly dire mistake!! Thanks to Crump for the cleaning, and to Sonickrazy for his awesome, amazing typesetting. That guy is going places.

And to celebrate, we have Mahjong today! Back to 00:00, or I won't be able to make it. But you could probaby show up at 23:00 and start without me to irritate me.

"This is an unmitigated disaster! An unprecedented mistake!!"

In case you didn't catch it, Kaiji's hand is really good. Like, unbelievably good. Like, so good that he could potentially take over half of the President's remaining funds in one fell swoop, and if not, can easily secure that he doubles his money. So good that he has to pick it up and admire it for the godsend it is... and send the pinzu tiles tumbling down to the floor. Jeez, it's always something with you, Kaiji!!

For the non-mahjong players out there, this is actually an easy mistake to make while picking up a row of tiles at once (the friction between the tiles allows you to pick up the entire row at once by pressing on the two sides). Press too little, and you'll only pick up the tiles on the edges. Press too hard, and the tiles will go flying, as happened to poor Kaiji, here. That's also how the players always knock over all their tiles at once instead of having to push down 4 tiles at a time. This comes into play in normal Mahjong when you're building the walls at the start and don't have an automatic table; the fastest way to stack the wall is to make two rows of 17 tiles, and pick up one of the rows to stack on the other. Learning to do this leads to a lot of frustration as the tiles fly everywhere if you press too hard.

Anyway, I'm sure that everyone will like seeing Kaiji on his hands and knees crawling around for THE BEST FREAKING HAND IN THE GAME. Even I got into the fun. But let me just say, this is gonna get real intense, real fast.

"I've gotta make Mangan with these tiles I've got left!!

Leaving behind Kaiji's tile-searching rain dance for now, I swear that there's gotta be some symbolic meaning behind that freaking lamp. It's what allows Maeda to peer on Kaiji's hand, it's prominent in just about every single panel that shows the whole room, and now it's hiding Kaiji's tiles, not letting him get past that one mistake. I'm sure the Language Arts teachers of the world would squeeze some kind of meaning out of it, if Manga was a scholastically accepted form of media. Maybe it represents Kaiji's inhibitions towards... um... well... see if you can find something, I'm done...

Anyway, Kaiji tries to find some way to make a Mangan out of the 31 tiles he has left, but it seems as though Muraoka's threat has come to fruition one way or another; without those three tiles, this setup does not appear to have any Mangan hands at all! Again, we have a literary device to couple with our lamp symbolism: Irony. Perhaps 43 could even count as foreshadowing. This Manga should be studied alongside Catcher in the Rye and Bridge to Terabithea, dammit!


  1. Kaiji. You continue to show your terrible TERRIBLE luck. I can't see much of a hand in his remaining 34 tiles, but maybe he'll pull an Akagi and make his opponent fall into a one-tile wait!

    At any rate, thanks for the double release. Hopefully we'll see Kaiji actually have some good luck for a change.

  2. Personally I'd pick Kaiji over Catcher in the Rye any day.

  3. Oh, these chapters made my heart sink. Seeing a hand like that fall apart due to a simple physical mistake... I had to stop for a second before I could continue to the next page when I saw Kaiji lose his tiles. Oh, how sad it is!

  4. I just want to thank u for scantalating Kaiji so fast. I was looking for another game/psychological manga in between Liar Game and One outs and I found this gem. I can't believe it's older than them and I didn't know about them, so thank you again so much. I also enjoy ur comments about the chaps of the manga, they r very helpful.

  5. Thanks for the fast releases in the last few days ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

    The dora wasn't shown, but if Kaiji would have a pair of it among his tiles, he could still assemble a Chiitoitsu for Mangan, right?

    I'm trying to play with you guys again next week^^