Thursday, March 15, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 43

A release out of nowhere!! After only a day, we have another fantastic installment of DKaiji for you! And in this chapter, the Mahjong resumes...!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellent jobs. Also, Kazuhiko will be taking a leave of abscence for a while, so I'm taking over for him in the typesetting department. So expect slow, lower-quality releases until he comes back in early april. >>;;

"No way can it happen three times in a row...!!"

The President seems just as shocked as we are to hear that Kaiji has decided to go all-in, this time. But that shock leads way to joy, as he happily applauds Kaiji for listening to his plights. However, he does taunt Kaiji, pointing out that there is a very easy way for him to lose practically immediately, regardless of how well he plays or what he looks out for... and that is if he cannot get a Mangan from the 34 tiles he has to work with. Kaiji dismisses this using the very logic that befell Mark in MKaiji: If Scissors comes out twice or three times in a row, it can't come out again! While he's right that the chances of there not being even a Mangan in his 34 tiles is quite small, it is still possible that another, unforeseen stroke of bad luck could befall him. And judging by his face at the end of the chapter, that could very easily be the case...!


  1. Kaiji's "shock" face can mean a lot of things from I've seen so far. It can mean "oh sh*t" type of things (but no Mangan? Impossible! Right? Right??) or "oh sh*t this is good!" type of things. Here's hoping for the latter.

    Thanks for the release. And I'm sure you'll do fine with typesetting.


  2. Did you do the typesetting in this one as well? I like it quite a bit! You'll do a fine job, don't worry.

    I've really enjoyed the past few chapters--really interesting to get another weird look into Muraoka's psyche. I'm wondering how much of his self-deprecation is pretending, but I have the feeling it's depressingly sincere.

  3. It's certainly odd that Muraoka would bring up having tiles that wouldn't work in this specific instance, when he never really brought it up before. But it seems like if he was going to cheat that way he wouldn't bring so much attention to it, after all, Kaiji already agreed to the rules, no need to further incriminate yourself.

    So I'm guessing Kaiji got some fine tiles. After all, even something as simple as getting the tiles needed for a mangan is enough for a reaction from Kaiji when the stakes are this high.

    Oh, and hooray on the release of a new chapter after only one day! I love the speed!

  4. its ok guys there were no ZAWA signs that could only mean that kaiji got surprisingly good tiles