Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 42

And with a mere 5 days of delay (lol...), we're back with more DKaiji! In this chapter, Kaiji considers Muraoka's proposal... and comes to an unexpected conclusion...!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for a job well done. Kazuhiko has been very busy as of late, but he says he's back to stay!

"If I tried some shit like that, I'd be screwing over nobody but myself!!"

Okay, this decision of Kaiji's is sure to be controversial; on the one hand, it's quite risky because he's got no money of his own to work with, and betting 10 million at a time would allow him to avoid any chance of an accident and win back all the money he needs to pay Kazuya back, and probably even more. But on the other hand, he's already had two unforeseen instances of bad luck thus far, so he can know to look out for either of those two situations in the coming rounds. In other words, he knows to be careful with tiles that are around Miyoshi's signal and could be incorporated into tricky waits, and also to watch out for any octaves that he has 5 or more tiles in. So now that he can focus on those two weak points, as well as simply the basic tactics that have been carrying him thus far in the game. With all that in mind, it would take some freak coincidence to get through his defenses, this time. So whether he bets 20 or 40 million, he's all but certain not to lose the next round. I think that's why he chose to do it, even though he realizes that if it happens that he does lose, or even draw, he would have to go back to Kazuya and be in even more debt... if Kazuya will even let him borrow more.

Oh, and Rude 39 Chapter 2 should be up soon. The translation is done, it just needs to get redrawn, and then typeset. :)


  1. Gah! At first Kaiji's all like "nuh-uh you just greedy!" And then he's like "dayum all dis money I can win!" Now I understand that he has huge advantages at this point but I'm not so sure about his abrupt about-face turn when it comes to the bet. I suppose it's all to raise the ante, so to speak. Fukumoto sure knows how to make 18-page cliffhangers.

    Thanks for the release as usual. Looking forward to seeing what Rude 39 Chapter 2 brings as well.


  2. Good move Kaiji! If it was up to me, I'd bet 40 million next round, and if I win I'll just quit after that. But I doubt the president will let it end like that though haha. He looks like a psycho. I love this art style, the characters look so goofy haha


    Augh this chapter upset me. He's on loaned money here, and could go back to the pits if he misses this, and he decides to take a crazy gamble now?

    Well I guess this is Kaiji we're talking about, he doesn't know anything about safe bets, and will always go after the money that's dangling in front of him. It's not good for my heart, not one bit.