Friday, March 9, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 41

After a long break for Kazuhiko to catch up, another chapter of DKaiji hits the stands! In this chapter, Muraoka goes total sleazeball on Kaiji, and counters Kazuya's loan with a move of his own...!

Thanks to Crump for the cleaning job, and also to Smokey for doing most of the typesetting work so Kazuhiko could just do some quick QC'ing.

"To 40 Million!! The bet is now raised to 40 Million Yen!!"

Poor Muraoka. He's embarrassed that Kazuya is being so "selfless" while he is doing barely anything, so he does the only thing he can think to do, and puts up all of his 40 million against Kaiji's... and wagers it all at once! How admirable! Kaiji would have to be some kind of heartless monster to turn down this kind offer from the deepest reaches of his soul!! Wouldn't he?! Wouldn't he?!?!

No, he wouldn't. Muraoka's just trying to push this offer through now that he knows that he can win against Kaiji. Kazuya doesn't seem to have anything to say about his money being bet all at once, so there's no way he can use that as a counter-argument. Can Kaiji figure out a way to convince Muraoka to drop the bet back down?! Or will he be forced to go all-in after two straight losses?!?!


  1. Nope. This is just like Fukumoto to drop a even riskier situation on Kaiji. Heaven forbid he catch a break or anything. It simply means Kaiji MUST win this time (not that he should have been losing before). I predict a three-turn battle, which Kaiji finding an "ingenious plan", getting kicked in the groin but his plan's 0.007% chance flaw, getting all the wiggly text boxes, and triumphing with all his fingers int- er, with moneys. Yes, lots of moneys.

    That's as always for all your work.


  2. The second I saw the 40 million dropped down I immediately thought "This is great for Kaiji! Only problem now is if the bet is raised to 40 million. Oh god, don't raise the bet to 40 million". So yeah, of course this has to happen. Poor Kaiji. He'll probably try to force it down to 10 or 20 million and fail in the next chapter. Then the arc will probably be finished with this last hand.