Saturday, March 3, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 40

After last release's tremendous tropical storm, we're back with more of your favorite manga! And in this chapter, Kazuya decides whether he's going to loan Kaiji more money... and lots more!

Biggums. Kazuhiko. They be great. Thanks to mah homies.
"Things are about to get bloody, in here!"

Wow, lots happened in this chapter. Kazuya hands Kaiji 40 MILLION YEN, saying that he doesn't want to have to keep having Kaiji ask him for more loans. This is a big gamble on Kaiji's part, since if he loses now, there's no way in a million years that Kazuya will pay him back. Also, I guess Kazuya wasn't so strict about having to wait for Kaiji's attendent that he wouldn't spot him another loan... makes you wonder if he sees through Kaiji's bluff and is trying to milk all the labor hours he can out of the guy, or if he genuinely does assume that Kaiji kept a ton of money from the match with the bog, so he thinks it's a safe loan that can easily be paid back. I get the feeling it's the latter, seeing how he's still not charging any interest or anything. But I guess we'll find out at some point.

Something else that was interesting in this chapter (and sure to get a lot of fandom backlash about how Kazuya is a misogynist) was the fact that he had his girlfriends dragged out of the room against their will, presumably because what's happening next will be too intense for them to watch. He mentions that it will get "bloody", so maybe Kaiji will run out of money again and Kazuya will take out 8 250-cc containers and make him bet his blood. >>;; Okay, no.


  1. Someone's been reading too much Akagi lately, hmm?

    Anyways, thanks as always for the chapter. I always look forward to the insanity that Fukumoto throws at us each time.


  2. I don't see it as too misogynistic, since he said that they "behaved themselves too well". They seemed in his eyes not to be worthy of viewing a true gamble not based on sex, but on behavior (well maybe partially on sex).

    Thanks again for allowing us to read another great chapter!