Friday, March 2, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 39

And what better a release to follow up Rude 39 than the 39th Chapter of DKaiji! I'm tempted to do something crazy like the 39th chapter of Akagi, but that would be overkill. Anyway, yeah, a long gap between Rude and this, since Kazuhiko was having a busy week. People really seem to be liking Rude, so I'll probably be pumping some work into it while we're doing DKaiji. Rude is harder to translate than DKaiji, since there's a lot of content in each chapter. But we'll see how it goes.

Thanks to the usual suspects Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellence in all ways, not limited to Manga Editing. Oh, and Mahjong tomorrow, at 23:00 PM GMT. Be there or be as greasy as Muraoka.

"Isn't this whole boat made of mud?! Just like the old stories!!"

Woo, more crazy Fukumoto metaphors. For those of you who read this chapter in the original Japanese first, I think you'll get a kick out of the fact that the boat is a reference to the Mud Boat story. But yeah, Kaiji seems to be really mad at Miyoshi and Maeda for not realizing that this kind of outrageously bad luck could happen. From now on, Kaiji will have to watch out for any 5 tiles in his hand that could fit into a wait, or else he'll be forced to deal one, again. So yeah, It all comes down to whether or not Kazuya is willing to spot Kaiji another loan. If not, Kazuya will be earning himself 10 Mil's worth of Kaiji's Body, a la mode.

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  1. Thanks for this! Kaiji returned earlier than I thought. I like all of Fukumoto's work, but I have a soft spot for Kaiji.