Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Akagi Chapter 131

After a day of hiatus, we're back at the end of the day with another shocking installment of Akagi!! In this chapter, Washizu draws a very dangerous tile, the 3-pin...!!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellent jobs, as always.

"Enough with that stupid smirk...! Do you think I'm going to give in?!"

Yeah, wow. Akagi never fails to disappoint with his plans. This hand was like a mini-repeat of the East 4th Round of the Second Session... Akagi held off on dealing the Xia just to fuck with Washizu and get him to think he was having second thoughts. But the smile never left his face through the whole round, so it seemed like he was being crafty, anyway. What's really surprising is that Washizu dealt the 3-pin even knowing full well that it was more than likely what Akagi needed; Akagi's ever-present grin mocked him, saying "he'll go around it... he doesn't have the balls to play that tile". The thing was, unlike the previous rounds, the 8-pin would have been completely safe to play, here, since he'd just played it the previous turn. That would still keep him in Tenpai, albeit without any hope for a Yaku. But it's just like Cho Han at this point; no matter what Washizu does, Akagi always bets on the right outcome.

Well, now, Washizu has only 10,000 points left. If he deals into a Mangan hand now, he'll go below zero. But even so, it seems like he'll still have a good amount of money in that case... He has 266.4 Mil right now, so minus 12 Mil for the direct hit and he'll have 254.4 Mil. The end point totals would be +72 for Akagi and -49 for Washizu, so a difference of 121. That'd leave Washizu with 133.4 Mil, which might be enough to last him another Hanchan if he plays like he did back in the good ol' days. So Akagi would want to land a Haneman or Baiman to take even more money, but that's always the goal. So yeah, the 5th Session should be over soon.


  1. I'm not gonna lie I'm getting uneasy. If Akagi is winning so much it can only mean that there's bound to be a change soon. I can't see how Washizu can recover but perhaps the next hanchan then?

    Thanks as always for the releases.

  2. The winds will turn against him again, I'm sure, but I do love that Akagi smirk.

    You guys are doing an amazing job of knocking these out so fast. Thank you!