Friday, February 10, 2012

Akagi Chapter 128, Akagi Fanart and Team Mahjong

Another day, another Akagi! This time, Washizu notices something in Akagi's hand that could spell disaster for him...!!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellent editing jobs... and a special guest for doing their part...! Who could it be?! Read on! But not before finishing the chapter... by which point you'll know. >>;;

"At long last, the demon, Akagi, has given in...!!"

It's just like the last round of the Second Session...! Akagi has a Xia that he can't get rid of since it's the Dora! The only difference is that it's not an instant Mangan; Washizu would need to have another kind of Yaku since he's not the West seat. Can Washizu pull through and scare Akagi into letting him win off Suzuki's discard, or will Akagi guess correctly that the Xia is safe, and advance his hand...?! Only time will tell!

And, of course, our special guest. We did a credits page last time with Fanart drifting around the interwebs, but this time, we have a Professionally-Made illustration that is not a day old! I spotted this lovely masterpiece in a tumblr post yesterday, and was filled with FKMT glee at seeing such a well-made piece of fanart. So without a moment of hesitation, I made a tumblr account to ask the artist, Joanna Krotka, if we could use it in our Credits page, with a bit of alteration for the text. She said yes, so I set to work on creating a Credits page that would both fit the original style of her artwork and get across who in the team did what. I feel like I did a pretty good job of squeezing the text in there, but I'm willing to do it over again for future releases. Thanks again to Joanna for letting me steal her artistic talent! >>;;

(I wonder if I could get her to do a Kaiji picture, too... *daydreams*)

Ahem. Anyway. The rest of this post is going to be about Mahjong Day tomorrow at the usual time (0:00 GMT), where we will be adding a special twist! Check it out below the cut!

As you may have guessed by the title of this blog post, this week (as in, tomorrow...), we are doing Team Mahjong not totally unlike the play seen in Washizu Mahjong! Essentially, each player is teamed up with another player and the two-person teams go up against another two-person team in a four-player Mahjong bonanza! Each team may set up a private chat on the FKMTkrazy Xatbox, and cooperate on games, such as dealing into each others' hands and playing the tiles needed for calls! The matches will last a full Hanchan (East + South Rounds), and whichever team has a player in 1st place, regardless of the positioning of the other player, will win! And don't worry about messing up rankings if you've got an account; we play on a private server.

But how, you ask me, do we get a private chat on the FKMTkrazy Xatbox?! Well, I just so happen to have some pictures with me to help me explain it! What a coincidence!

Once you have been assigned your partner on the Xat, click on their name in the right sidebar and the above screen will pop up. Be sure NOT to click on "Private Message", as that will require you to click on their name and then private message every time you want to send a message! Instead, simply click on "Private Chat", circled in Red for your convenience, and you will see...

...The above image! Only you and your teammate can see each others' messages in this private chat, indicated by the little orange lock to the left of your partner's name, indicated in red in the image above. Any time you want to go back to the public chat, simply click on the "FKMTkrazy" tab to the left of it, and you'll be taken right there! By switching back and forth between this tab and your Tenhou tab, you can very easily do cooperative plays! And don't worry, we're playing on Slow speed, so you'll have a bit of time in between discards to talk.

Also, if this is your first time with us for Mahjong Day, you may with to familiarize yourself with the Tenhou interface at . I'll see you at 0:00 GMT!!

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  1. Amazing drawing!!! It truly captures Akagi's monicker of the genius who descended into darkness.