Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kaiji Chapter 16

And we're back, with more Kaiji! In this exciting installment, Furuhata talks! Oh, and also, there's some card playing somewhere. Thanks go to Biggums for another great Clean, and to Kaiji-kun for putting up with the horridly massive amounts of text he had to typeset!!

Also, Mahjong this Saturday at 00:00 GMT. Be there or be Andou.

- Furuhata goes on and on and on about how Mark got tricked by Kaiji, and also about how awesome Kaiji is.
- Furuhata makes the Quicksand metaphor, instead of the Narrator.

Dear god, what is this, Furuhata Explains It All?! Seriously, we get it, Fukumoto! Mark thinks Kaiji's cards are balanced, so he plays Paper! We don't need a history of the world! (Kaiji-kun made that complaint while typesetting, so I just had to share it with you guys. XD)

Yeah, okay, Andou's probably the stupider of the two. But I get the impression that a lot of this was Furuhata figuring things out as he went along, which is why he had to go step-by-step in his explaination to work out all the phases of Kaiji's plan. So Furuhata is still dumb. But at least now we know he's not as dumb as Andou. I'm so glad we figured that out.

As for Mark vs Kaiji, Kaiji's strategy was pretty damn awesome, and his speech to Mark at the end must have really felt good to people reading this for the first time. I feel like Furuhata analysed their match more than I ever could, so I'll just leave it at that.

So, here's my game plan: Finish up Mokushiroku Kaiji 17 since Biggums has it all nice and clean for me, work on Datenroku Kaiji 30 and maybe 31, then start on Akagi v. 14+. That might change if the poll suggests it, but that appears to be the clear favorite at the moment. FKMTkrazy has only just begun!!


  1. Oh man, new release in 2 days? It's just like the good ol days. Thanks Sonic, quality work as always.

    As far as Datenroku Kaiji 29 goes, I believe that will be the last Kaiji release for Project Bite Me. It should be released within a week or so. People are pretty busy right now, so we should all be patient. But I'll continue cleaning ahead and before you know it the new Kaiji's will be flowing like cool refreshing water.

    Clarissa explains it all < Furuhata explains it all
    The Amanda Show > The Mikoko Show
    Kenan and Kel < Kazuya and Kaiji

  2. @Biggums: Yep, glad to be back to my old pace. ^^ I'm psyched to be taking over Datenroku, so I'll probably be translating ahead anyway, but I think it's safe for you to go and clean Akagi 117... unless you already have it cleaned, I forget. I'm gonna be moving onto that, no doubt about it.

  3. Ummm...I'm sorry if this sounds like an impertinent question, and I also apologize if you've answered it already at some point, but are you going to drop Mokushiroku Kaiji (Kaiji part 1) for good after you finish this first volume?

  4. @Chrysanthemum: Nah, it's a good question. I'm planning to put it on hold once I'm done with 17, which is about halfway through the volume, since the greater demand is for Akagi chapters. Once I've finished a volume of something, I almost always put up a poll to see if people want me to continue or jump to some other manga. So I'm not "dropping" it; my style just works better when I can focus on just one or two projects instead of juggling a ton like PBM does. In other words, if you want to see more Kaiji, voice your input in the next poll!

  5. Haha okay, I'll do that then XD

    The demand / support for Kaiji seems to be pretty low compared to what Akagi gets, though >_< I just don't get it! Is mah jong really that popular among the English-speaking crowd? I don't like it at all myself...

    Anyway, enough of my complaining ~ thank you for answering my question so promptly (and of course for scanlating Kaiji) :)

  6. Thanks so much for all this. Its great news you're picking up datenroku. I a was always a little sad to see it move away from you guys in the first place.

    With gin to kin and zero being worked on elsewhere its good times for fkmt fans. For the comment above, mahjong does have a steep learning curve - but well worth the effort if youve the time.

    Thanks again