Monday, January 2, 2012

Kaiji Chapter 15 & Other Oddities

And we're back with more Kaiji! And we got a new typesetter, Kazuhiko, AKA Kaiji-kun! And with him, more good news! I'm going to be going back to my roots in Datenroku for a joint project with HappyScans! That is, we'll be taking over Kaiji Part 3 from Project Bite Me!! Takes me back to when I was first scanlating with We Can't Decide. I was doing everything but the Translation back then, but now, I'm going to be doing the translation and nothing else! Funny, right?

As usual, thanks go to Biggums for the fantastic cleaning job, and for the first time, thanks go to Kaiji-kun for the excellent typesetting!

- Furuhata's pre-match thoughts get expanded with fancy hawk-flying metaphors.
- Mark specifies that he's talking to Kaiji alone
- A visual metaphor is added after Kaiji says he's "Fishing" for Mark.

Yeah, not a ton is new. I like how both Mark and Kaiji think they're being clever; Mark appeals to Kaiji's pride to get him to play, not realizing that's exactly what Kaiji wants him to do. Mark gets some idea of Balance from what Kaiji did the last two rounds, but not enough to realize how it could be used against him. Kaiji's plan was pretty foolproof, but it did require some pretty specific conditions for it to work.

So now, followers, I have a question for you, which I will explain below the cut.

Still here? Cool. As you know, I am currently translating Kaiji 1 and 3, but obviously there will be some down time where I'll be able to translate some new stuff. So, in the poll on the right sidebar, I would like you to tell me what you would like to see me translate. Thanks to my good friend Skutieos, I was able to get my hands on some rare-ish FKMT raws that look pretty interesting. Let me describe them for you.

First off, we have Gin Yanma, which is another story about Mahjong. It stars the fellow on the front cover who is apparently a very successful Mahjong player who gets called in to help some guys down on their luck. They're being played out of house and home by someone who looks exactly like Jinnai the Shark from Tenma, and it's up to him to save the day. Probably not the most original of the options I've got for you, but it'd be nice and easy for me.

Next up, we have the absolute earliest work by FKMT I can find, before even Ten. He wrote this before he found his niche in gambling manga. It's called Wani no Hatsukoi, and is essentially a love story. The dialogue is important to the story, and it'd take me a long time to do based on the sheer amounts of text everywhere, but it should be cool to see FKMT at it's earliest.

Third, we have an interesting addition, a manga about Pachinko, Rude 39. It stars a fellow who looks exactly like the man from Gin Yanma, and is one part Pachinko Strategy, one part love story. It should be interesting to see how Fukumoto handles normal Pachinko, notorious for having very little strategy involved.

Now, I'll add these three options onto the ones that we're familiar with, Akagi, Kaiji, Pen-Chan, Hero, Washizu, and so on. I'll let you choose as many as you like, but obviously there's only going to be one that I can do. Thanks for your input!


  1. Translate Kaiji 1 !!!


    Thanks for the chapter.


  3. Rude 39 sounds interesting, see how FKMT handles pachinko and love (I assume this'll mean at least one more woman in a FKMT manga.

    Also great news you're taking over Kaiji 3 again!

  4. Wani no Hatsukoi please!

  5. Wani no Hatsukoi