Monday, January 30, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 35

Tic-tac-toe, 3 days in a row! Okay, that was lame. DKaiji 35 now up, wherein we see the setup phase of the 10th and possibly final match...!

"Those tiles were an edge wait around the Dora... did you see...?"

Man, I feel really bad for people who actually need the Mahjong Notes... there's two pages of it this time. But yeah, this chapter is pretty cool if you know what's going on, which I believe you should, seeing how simple most of the ideas are. Kind of makes me feel bad, though... we swiped the series away from PBM almost exactly where it started getting good. Not bad enough to give it back, though. XP

But yeah, Kaiji considers going for a San Ankou (three triplets) hand, but then discovers the better Tanyao, Pinfu hand with a possible San Shoku. Also, Muraoka knocks over two tiles that he switched out of his hand at the last minute, which were right around the Dora. He wastes no time in clarifying what they were to Kaiji in case he somehow missed it. So the question is, did he really make a mistake and is just trying to play it off as if he planned it? Or did he plan it, and is legitimately making sure that Kaiji knows what they were? Or did he plan to make the mistake, knowing that Kaiji would think that he planned it to get him to think the 6-7 were safe, and therefore rush into his real hand? Or did he think that that's what he would think, and so actually DID have another 6-7 in his hand to play off his suspicion that he would think that... think... his... yeah.

Find out this and more in the next installment of Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji!!


  1. Oh Mohjongception @_@

    Thanks for the release guys :)

  2. So after a long day at work, I was wondering...

    what's kaiji-kun up to???

    and lo and behold there's a new chapter out!!!!

    FKMTkrazy always delivers!!!

  3. Man you guys are the bomb when it comes to speed releases. It definitely helps to have a ton of volumes to work with already, but making these available so fast is quite convenient and shows your dedication.

    As far as this chapter is concerned, I'm glad I learned a bit about mahjong while watching akagi and then reading up on it when I heard about the mahjong arc in kaiji, I wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much with them throwing around those terms.

    I've never seen kaiji win when he's like this. I don't like this chapter. It feels menacing. Muroaka is up to something... In my opinion, it feels like Muraoka feels threatened by Kaiji. With the Young Master appearing, he wants to show off for him. But he observes it like Kaiji and him know each other. Then he corrects Muraoka and loans Kaiji 10 million like that, wanting to see kaiji's gambling sense, I think Muraoka is pushing back to impress him. This match is already turning into a battle of wits and preparedness.

    One last thing. Notice the attendants' surprise at Muraoka's 15 tile hand. He put those extra tiles in there, with the intent to knock the others down. Normally he wouldn't stack 15 tiles into his hand. That's the conclusion I came to.

    The next chapter just can't come fast enough!

  4. Great chapter.
    This is starting to feel like the final rounds of E-Card where Kaiji started to use unconventional tactics in order to be able to beat the cheating Tonegawa. This time it's the other way round - Kaiji knows his opponent's hand and Muraoka has to find a way around it.

    Sorry I couldn't play with you guys this weekend. Unfortunately I'll be out of town next weekend and won't be able to play then either.