Sunday, January 29, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 34

And our combo picks up again with another release! Today, we have the thrilling segue into the 10th Match between Kaiji and the President...!

Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko as always for their excellence in all things, editing in particular.

"I'll show you what's what... I'll make you cry!!"

Aww, that's disappointing. Kaiji jumps to the correct (?) conclusion that Kazuya is suggesting that he'll take him back down underground, and from there, he reasons step-by-step that Kazuya is a rich elite, and that he was one of the people watching his Pachinko match. Whether this is true is all up to future chapters, but it seems probable, to me.

Anyway, Muraoka certainly seems happy to take more of Kaiji's money, even if it's technically Kazuya's. I just have a bad feeling that Kaiji is going to lose to a Haneman hand or something this time and have to be 14 Million Yen in debt to either Kazuya or Muraoka, depending on how they handle it. And don't worry, I haven't read ahead this time. <_< >_>

So yeah, just a normal segue chapter. Back to Mahjong action next time.


  1. Thanks for the release. I wonder how Kaiji is gonna make it out of this one...

  2. There's something about Kazuya...
    I think I may realize where he's from due to a distinct characteristic of his. Kaiji may get betrayed by Mioshi..and also, he definitely needs a win. I don't see how he's going to escape the moment he gets in debt..

  3. I feel like he's going to win this one. Then he'll lose and it'll be a higher hand than a Mangan. That's what the flow of how it is going tells me. Snatched from the hands of victory is usually how Kaiji ends up, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again this time.

    Btw, you guys are freaking awesome for translating Kaiji, I've been waiting and waiting for someone to restart it again. If there's anything a fan like myself could do to help you along, please feel free to shoot me an email.

  4. I get the feeling kaiji is on a slippery slope - the whole thing reeks of a setup worse than e-card.

    The release speed and quality is amazing, its like christmas every day for a fkmt fan. Thanks guys