Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Akagi Volume 10 - Sonickrazy-less!

Well, it's happened. It's finally happened. A FKMTkrazy release that I took next to no part in, beyond uploading it. This chapter was cleaned, edited, and partially translated by Skutieos, whom some of you may vaguely remember as the Editor for We Can't Decide in its initial stages. He's learning Japanese, as well, and wondered how I got started, and I told him that my first manga edits were with chapters of Akagi that were already covered by the Anime. So he's decided to take a crack at Volume 10 of Akagi, moving backwards from where I left off, and letting me put the finished product under the FKMTkrazy name. As I'm not involved with the process in any way beyond uploading, this is the one and only blog post I will make on the matter, since a lot of the content of my posts comes from my thought processes as I go to translate the chapters. But there should be some more Volume 10 chapters coming out bit by bit! Thanks for letting me release 'em, Skutieos!


  1. Thanks for hosting this!
    Hopefully I'll work fairly consistently on these. Not a whole lot to see now, as the anime follows this chapter nearly identically, but let's hope something new awaits us in the following chapters. If not, hey, it's more english Akagi to archive.

  2. Yes! This is great, Skutieos! I was hoping we'd get to volumes 8-10 sooner rather than later. But I didn't expect it this soon! Very well done!