Monday, January 16, 2012

Akagi Chapters 121 & 122

Yes, another double release!! Once again, 121 got me so pumped that I couldn't hold off on 122. In these chapters, Washizu takes his draw, aiming for the 4-man...!! What will his draw be...?!?!

Thanks once more go to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their excellent editing jobs! We're on a roll, wouldn't you say?

- Washizu tells Akagi that there is no way that he can stop the draw, now, and that he will most certainly draw the 4-man... and Akagi agrees.
- Washizu goes to take his draw, cursing Akagi in his mind.
- Yasuoka beats himself up for his Chi, and praises Akagi for his correct prediction of Washizu's luck.

Ok, I'll admit, this chapter didn't do a whole lot for us. Washizu goes to take his draw, Akagi acts cool, and everything else is just clarifying what we learned last chapter. But still, it was pretty cool to see Washizu so utterly shaken simply by Akagi's smirk. Really makes you wonder what the heck Akagi has in mind, and Yasuoka's comments really don't help with anything to that extent.

- Yasuoka and Yoshioka fret over what Washizu's tile is.
- Washizu gleefully draws his winning tile, and shoves it in Akagi's face
- Washizu cheerfully states that he doesn't care if Akagi trembles or not, as death is still death.

And this chapter, in stark contrast... full of win. So full of win. I mean, just look at that 2-page spread of Washizu's face. So breathtakingly creepy. And also, Washizu finally seems to understand that Akagi simply does not tremble or get scared, but also understands that he will enjoy the death much the same. Akagi seems to be looking grim, perhaps trying to wrap his head around what is about to happen to him. Kazuhiko was proud to say he was able to use several new fonts in his typesetting of this chapter; see if you can spot them all. I am loving these chapters; check back daily... we should have a ton of chapters up, this week.


  1. This is just amazing. Fukumoto at his very best. Thankyou

  2. Sugoiii!! The Akagi train is on full speed. (*_*)
    Finally my dream of regular new Akagi releases has come true. I hope it never ends \(^_^)/