Monday, January 9, 2012

Akagi Chapters 117 & 118

Surprise! A double release! Yeah, 117 got me so pumped that I went ahead and did 118 ahead of time. Also, we have another new Typesetter, Smokey! He has never read Akagi before, but I think he did a fantastic job on 117 nonetheless. A big thanks to our usual suspects, Crump and Kazuhiko, as well.

Also, I'm going to be translating a chapter of Master Keaton for HappyScans next; I feel like, since they've helped me so much with Datenroku Kaiji, as well as Kazuhiko being from there, I should repay the favor by translating a bit for them. I like Master Keaton, but goddamn is it hard to translate. So there may be a big gap between this and FKMTkrazy's next release. Stay tuned.

- Yoshioka (Washizu's main henchman) describes the awesomeness that is this hand.
- Washizu taunts Akagi, saying that there's no possible way he could have drawn the 2-pin
- Akagi taunts Washizu right back, and shows that he did, in fact, draw the 2-pin.
- Yasuoka notices that the Dora make his hand too expensive, much to Washizu's delight and Ohgi's dismay.

While not a ton of new stuff happened in this chapter, it sure as hell went into detail on just how unbelieveable Washizu's hand is. And it is; this hand is looking more and more like a winner... it all comes down to whether or not Washizu will draw his winning tile with the 3/10 shot he has. Definitely looking forward to the next chapt... oh, wait!

- Washizu tries to goad Yasuoka into letting him have his turn.
- Akagi tells Yasuoka not to listen to him, as letting him have a chance to draw his tile could be disasterous.
- Yasuoka finds a third option in calling on the 2-pin to change the order of the draws, much to Washizu's disgust.
- However, Akagi states that Washizu's hand is now in an even better spot to win thanks to this new development.

Wow. This chapter was awesome. So many ups and downs. I was totally rooting for Yasuoka and thinking he'd found the best possible way out, but the end of this chapter struck that down immediately. Also, I love Akagi's Demon Pit metaphor; it seems like he recognizes that Washizu has the luck of the devil, and if given a chance, he will find a way to break out of the ground and take Akagi's life. I think I know what this "opposite side" is, but I'll make you wait to see what it is for yourself. ^^

Overall, I think Mahjong manga is my forte, for sure. I could translate whole volumes of Akagi in a couple days if it weren't for my commitments to other manga. But things are picking up in pace for sure.


  1. Wonderful double release, fellas! If I could make one note, I found the font Washizu talked in during Chapter 118 a little difficult to read. Thank you so much I appreciate everyone's effort!

  2. Thanks again for the great work! And a double release even, wow! Also I'm happy to see you'll be translating Keaton too. Now you'll be translating manga from two of my favorite mangakas instead of one! :D

  3. @Blindy McBat: Yeah, that's my bad. I spotted that Kazuhiko used a special font in Chapter 17 of Kaiji when Mark was frightened and sinking into the quicksand, and I thought it might fit for certain times when Washizu is being really, really scary, like he did near the end of chapter 100. But I agree, it doesn't really work for just normal talking. We'll be more careful next time.

    @Anonymous: Yep, I'm a fan of Urasawa's work, too... but so is everyone that reads his manga. XP I think the thoughtful touch that both of these mangaka put into their work is what makes them so likeable. But of course, Keaton is a lot of work, so I'll probably be translating a lot more of FKMT than Urasawa in the long run.

  4. Wow those chapters are thrilling. Didn't expect a double release. You're the best Sonic :)

    You should definitely finish this round of Akagi before you move on to Rude 39 or something else. Thanks again^^