Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Akagi Chapter 123

And here it is, not 24 hours after last release! In this chapter... AKAGI DIES!! Yes, it is true!! Read for yourself if you don't believe me!! Looks like the other 11 volumes are of a totally different protagonist... Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

Thanks again to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their stupendous editing jobs! Thanks for helping me translate the life and death of this heroic man!!

- Washizu commands his henchmen to begin the blood extraction, 250 ccs at a time
- A Shinigami looms over Akagi as he feels his blood slowly and painfully drift away
- Akagi dies, and the whole room erupts into shock and dismay, except for Washizu, who giddily demands all of his money back, and Ohgi's arm, with it.

...Okay, so we know Akagi isn't really dead, but it sure must have seemed like it to people who read this when there were still only 14 volumes. Goddamn, this chapter was intense, with all the death and doom... Yasuoka was weeping, and Ohgi was scared out of his mind... and through it all, Washizu continued his cheerful banter with the dying man before him. Akagi certainly looks like a man drained of blood, and hopefully next chapter will shed some light on what's actually happening to him.

Oh, and the Shinigami thing... I considered putting it as "Grim Reaper", or leaving a long translator's note in the margins, but I figured everyone reading this has at least watched Death Note, so I probably don't have to clarify what it is. But I will. It's a god of death that sucks the life away from its victims as they pass away. There, that was easy. Get back to being in awe of this chapter.

EDIT: Also, new poll up in the sidebar to see what you guys want us to do after this volume. The end of this volume is a good place to stop (as in, there's no cliffhanger), so take that into consideration. Also, I excluded Rude 39 from the poll because I have something very special in mind for that manga. Just you wait and see. ;)


  1. Man these latest chapters have been so intense. I'm afraid you'll stop, and we'll be left at an cliff hanger.

    Thanks for this.

  2. ^That's how I feel too. That's why I voted for more Akagi.

  3. Wow, thanks for all the awesome releases!

    Do you have any plans to scanlate the "missing" Akagi volumes (7 to 11, I think)?

  4. Thanks again for the super quick release!! This round + the aftermath has got to be one of the most legendary rounds in Akagi ever^^

    with Sonickrazy's amazing translation speed which he showcased in the past few days, I don't think it's worth spending any more time with the old volumes until we're up to date with the new volumes.

  5. "...Okay, so we know Akagi isn't really dead, but it sure must have seemed like it to people who read this when there were still only 14 volumes."
    sure, unless they completely missed the huge ad in the back of volume 13 for the last volume of Ten which had 赤木死す!! in huge letters :p

    teasing aside, thanks again for the quick releases dude!!

  6. @Anonymous...es: Nahh, the end of the volume wraps everything up very nicely; they sit down and move on to the next round without even showing the starting hands. But I totally get that it's hard to believe given all the intensity in this chapter and the last ones... I certainly wouldn't mind moving onto a different manga for a bit.

    @Yukio: Yep, Skutieos is currently marching through Volume 10 and will be taking care of the early Akagi chapters while we do the later ones or whatever else we end up doing. Also, we have an Osamu, and now a Yukio? Who's next, Ishikawa...?

    @Osamu: Yeah, for sure; it's been awesome doing these latest chapters and finally getting to see the awesomeness... and Chapter 86 of volume 10 is up. So we're actually doing the earlier chapters, as well.

    @Anonymous: Yeah, there's a number of things that would clue people off to the fact that he isn't really dead... but it sure was handled well, and I bet you can't wait to see how he's still surviving after all 2000 ccs have been taken. :O