Friday, January 13, 2012

Akagi Chapter 120

Yeah, so much for slower releases. Akagi is back, and this time, Washizu gets even more freaky and possessed...!! Thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their great editing jobs.

- Yasuoka beats himself up for trying to find a way around Washizu's monsterous luck
- Washizu draws the one tile in the whole draw pile that gives him 4 Dora
- Washizu claims that that tile was given to him by God's Messenger to finish Akagi off
- Akagi claims that Washizu's God is an idiot.

Wow. This chapter was really pretty fascinating; if we can trust Washizu (and the evidence of his claims in the 5-man draw seems pretty convincing), then the God of the Akagi world is not only Manevolent but is also totally backing Washizu up. This combined with the whole thing in the Third Hanchan about him being possessed by Demons makes me think that the whole supernatural universe has come to this Mahjong table to kill Akagi. So let's get this straight... Washizu is favored by the rules by a good 300 to 1 or so, pulls Hanemans and Yakumans out of nowhere that have very good chances of winning, has the entire supernatural world on his side when the Flow is with him, has years of experience in this ruleset of Mahjong and even more in normal Mahjong, has been trying his best from the very start, and yet Akagi has survived this long with just his smarts. Seems pretty outrageous to me. And yet, he still seems to have something up his sleeve... what could it be? I mean, Washizu has exactly one draw left, and God is guiding his hand supposedly. No room for Akagi to bust in. I suppose we'll have to wait and see!


  1. Fantastic work from all of you on these last few chapters, can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter!

  2. Wow, so quick again. Thanks to all of you for the stunning work in the last week.

    I'm so glad I always managed to keep myself away from Akagi spoilers. It's always awesome if you have no clue what Fukumoto has in mind for the next chapters.

    Also, sorry I couldn't attend mahjong day yesterday, but I had to get up very early this morning. I hope enough people came? I will be joining you guys next time again :)

  3. good god you just keep producing!! thank you so much for these you beautiful person you.

    unlike osamu i dont have that sort of patience and i have looked through vols. 13-25 but of course it's always made better when i can properly understand them. thanks again for your hard work!!

  4. Heh, thanks, guys. ^^ I'm working as fast as I can, but I'm also working on a few side projects like Kaiji and Keaton, so I'm not at max speed with Akagi like I used to be. Speaking of Keaton, I'm finally done with the first chapter I'm doing for them, so expect more Akagi soon... and supposedly Kaiji if PBM ever gets 29 done.

    Also, your comments have inspired me to make a new poll! How lucky you are!