Thursday, January 12, 2012

Akagi Chapter 119

The Akagi Train cannot be derailed!! No double release this time, but Akagi 119 is now upon us, and it reveals what the "Opposite Side" mentioned in the last chapter is!! A big thanks to Biggums and Kazuhiko for their respective excellence in their jobs. Again, Read or be Spoiled!!

Also, Mahjong this Saturday. Be there or be Furuhata.

- Washizu taunts Akagi once again, saying that, now, there is nothing that he can do to stop the oncoming loss of blood... and Akagi agrees.
- Yasuoka is dumbfounded until just before Washizu draws... his fourth 5-pin...!!
- Washizu makes his Kan, giving him a Rinshan Tsumo, San Kan Tsu Mangan if he draws the 4-man on his next turn!!

Well... I believe Washizu has finally shown his true colors, here. Let's recap for a second. When Washizu got his Divine Revelation, his hand was in shambles, with only 1 winning tile. And from there, he grew his hand up to this Rinshan San Kan Tsu hand. Obviously this is an incredibly unlikely feat of luck... let's see how unlikely. Looking only at the tiles he drew after his revelation, he first had to have Yasuoka play the 8-man. When Yasuoka drew, there were 18 tiles left, only 1 of which was 8-man. After that, to let the new Dora support Yasuoka's hand so he couldn't bail out Akagi, he had to draw either the 9-pin, 1-pin, or 2-pin, of which there were 3 in the 17 tiles left. Then he had to draw the 3-man, which had only 2 tiles left out of 15. After Suzuki played the 6-man and he called Kan, he again had to draw 9, 1, or 2 pin for the indicator (2/14), and THEN he had to draw the 5-man, of which only 2 remained out of 13. After that, he had to draw the 5-pin from the 10 tiles remaining, and will now have to draw anything but the three 4-mans for the dora (6/9), and then finally will have to draw a 4-man on his final draw out of the 8. So to recap, the chance of this happening for Washizu, even excluding all the other people's draws, is...

(1/18) * (3/17) * (2/15) * (2/14) * (2/13) * (1/10) * (6/9) * (3/8) = (432/601473600) = .0000718%

So... .0000718% is... just under 1 in 100,000. That is insane odds, sirs. If you don't believe me, try flipping heads on a coin 17 times in a row. That's how unlikely it is, not even considering the draws the others make or the chances of him having to draw with only 2 or 1 of the 3-man in the pile. Washizu may be kinda bad at decisions, but his luck is crazy. Even Akagi knows it. Next chapter should be crazy, as well.


  1. Wow you said there would be a big gap until the next release. Awesome! Thank you so much for taking your time to translate these chapters.

    Hopefully in one or two years when I have completed a few Japanese semesters I'll be able to translate like you^^

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. Can't wait for Kaiji part 3.

  3. @Osamu: Heh, yeah, Akagi is way easier than Keaton, so I just took a break and sped through this chapter... it only took me an hour. And yeah, it'd be great if you could translate quickly, too; a lot of it is having a good dictionary and learning how to use it, but of course you need to have a good understanding of sentence structure, as well. That's why Keaton takes so much longer... I have to look up more in the dictionary.

    @Anonymous: Thank you so much for reading! And yeah, Kaiji 29 should be up this weekend if my sources are correct. After that, it's all ours.