Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kaiji Chapter 12

Kaiji is back with a vengeance! He's kicking ass, taking names, and playing cards!

Also, thanks a whole lot to Biggums111 for the cleaning... he did a way better job than I could ever have expected. :O

In other news, I got 116's translation from Yako! Expect it soon.

- We see Kaiji tell the plan to his allies, rather than the narrator explaining it.
- Kaiji hears screams coming from the other room by means of an accident, and loses all doubts about what will happen if they lose.
- Furuhata comes to get Kaiji before the end of his opponent's match with 8 cards, and Kaiji commands Andou to make sure he doesn't play anyone else before him.
- Crevice-jumping metaphor gets expanded upon.

Yeah, lots of new content in this chapter. I found the screams coming from the room to be quite interesting... I don't recall anything scream-worthy happening when Kaiji is sent there in the Anime, so maybe there will be new content when we get there, as well. Either way, though, I admire how consistent the Anime was in their cuts; Kaiji's internal monologue doubting what happens after the game and Tonegawa's speech about how they shouldn't care all goes directly with this moment; the doubts are gone from Kaiji's head with that, but if it didn't happen, he might have given up when Furuhata came to get him, thinking whatever happened wouldn't be so bad.

Also, Furuhata's timing is a bit more rational here than it was in the Anime; he gets him before the 8th card is used, so that they don't have to worry about whether he'll get another opponent afterwards or not as long as they hurry. But it does raise the question of how he knew if the 8th card was a rock or scissors; it seems like he left before the cards were chosen. Unless he left when they entered the "check" phase, which would make the following events have to happen extremely quickly.

Overall, it's good to be back on Kaiji; Season 2 got me in the mood again. Expect Akagi 116 next, and then either Kaiji 13 or a new manga called "Atsuize Tenma", the raws of which were given to me by a kind anon. Stay tuned!

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  1. You are welcome, dog. I shall email you cleaned Kaiji 13 soon and the rest of the volume in time. I predict that Akagi 116 will be the last chapter you have to clean entirely yourself for a long time.