Saturday, October 8, 2011

Akagi Chapter 116

And the stunning, divine strategy of Washizu's creation is revealed! Who could have guessed this unlikely twist, and will it come to fruition?!

Thanks again to Yako for the translation! As usual, read or be spoiled!

- Washizu's lackeys are bewildered as to what the purpose of his Kan could be.
- Washizu draws the 3-man with his Dead Wall Draw, and not a moment later calls Kan on Suzuki's discard.
- Washizu draws the 5-man, giving him a closed 4-man wait, but without any Yaku built into it.
- Suzuki calls pon on the 7-man Washizu discards, changing the draw order to make Washizu the one to get the last draw.

Wow. Just... wow. Akagi said that there was something about Washizu that was laying dormant way back in 107, but I never expected to catch a gimpse of it so quickly. Whether or not he actually completes this hand, he's definitely found what allowed him to win all these years, at the very least. First he had to figure all this was possible, then he had to draw the 3-man and 5-man on his next turns, and finally he'll need to draw the 4-man on the final draw. If he can pull all that off, it may well be the greatest feat of luck in Akagi since Akagi's win against Ichikawa. And that's saying something.

Also, I liked how the whole "70 discards" thing was a critical part of this, and it wasn't just shoehorned in to explain how close the game was to a loss. If you tried this in regular Mahjong, you'd run out of tiles before Suzuki's Pon.

Definitely looking forward to next time; it should be thrilling indeed.

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  1. Thanks again, guys! It's always nice to see a new Akagi chapter done. Let's see what FKMT prepared for us this time :3.