Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Akagi Chapter 61

Aaaand we're back to the anime-covered content, explaining the somewhat fast release. Releases should be faster from here on, too.

No word from s3k70r regarding the new chapters, but I finally heard back from Yako, and she's going to send me 115's translation fairly shortly. So even if we don't get the 5 volumes at once, new chapters are on their way.

- The metaphor about Akagi being a helpless chicken.
- Some introspection from one of the guests looking on to the horrific scene.

Yeah, not a ton is new for a change. I liked the metaphor, but I guess they chose a good time to jump in with the Anime. I finally got around to reading George Orwell's 1984, and this scene reminded me a great deal about the suppression of ideals present in that book... Akagi knows that the dice are even, but if he wants to keep his life he needs to say that they are odd. But, in his normal nonconformist attitude, he would rather die than lose a game that he already very much won. It's kind of like how in the final part of 1984 (spoiler alert for 1984), Winston makes it through his torture by telling himself that the government will not have wiped rebellious thoughts from his mind when he dies; the thought cannot be extinguished. He can say that 2 and 2 make 5 all he wants, but in his heart of hearts he knows it to equal 4. Only, his very saying that it equals 5 makes he, himself believe it after a while, and eventually all rebellious thoughts are really erased from his mind. I think Akagi understands that actions influence thoughts in that way, so he refuses to allow himself to give in to the Kurata group and say that the dice are Odd. That would mean that they would change his thoughts in some way, not to mention that he would have lost the battle. (end 1984 spoilers) Besides, Akagi always has been tough and unyielding, and will continue to be that way until the day he dies.

Also, Yasuoka didn't notice the blood right away here, whereas he was staring at it while Ohgi asked him "what now" in the anime. Not really a major change, but kind of adds a different flow to the scene.


  1. Wow, talk about fast! Great job as always, and it's good to hear that Yako's backo

  2. Hey man, finally managed 2 get online 4 awhile...Heh, heh... Still haven't located the disc with Akagi on it. Please understand Sonic (and those impatient ones) that I have literally crates/boxes of discs ranging back 2 late 2000~ with movies, anime, manga, comics, music, software, games (PC, PSX, PS2, DC etc.) VCDs, DVDs, altogether well-over a few tera-bytes of data. I think I have enough data 2 run a small data-repository, so please bear with me, plus this day-2-day bullshit that I have 2 put-up-with isn't helping at all. Just the last time I had to stay out since there were cops, ambulance, right next door 2 me, and I knew if I stook around those gov perps would try to question/interrogate me, even step into my apt. and THAT'S THE LAST THING I NEED from those bastrards. So I had to rearrange my room a bit stash important things, and get the fuck out of there in 6~ min. flat. It's that critical. Take your guard down for just a few seconds and they'll stick a blade in you, sorta like Akagi had. :( On the other hand I do remember uploading some finished volumes with Little Buddha on Megaupload in late 2009, we were in contact with the fella who did upto ch.37 then vanished somewhere. Unfortunately I no longer have the Megaupload links to those volumes (about 4~5 volumes of Akagi we uploaded together as well as 4 volumes of Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor) Even worse about half-year ago Megaupload went on a MASS-data delete spree, or maybe it was a data-loss, and about 75~ links world-wide to them went dead/fizzled-out) so that didn't help at all. Was the stuff that we uploaded affected by that? I don't know. Any other answer would be a lie. That's all I can recall. I will continue looking thou. My word. Regarding your translation, I compared it 2 mine, man... you have more flow :) Your words pull-me-in more than mine. Maybe because I can't judge my own stuff, who knows... But I like yours more. I'd do the editing. My cleaning/editing skills are well... I'm one of those perfectionists where even a few specks of dust/scratches matter, my manga must be pure black-white/gray areas, so I think that answers that... I've been scanlating since late 2007~ worked on many series' chapters, oneshots, doujins, blah, blah... So I find myself doing more cleaning, editing than translating, althou that isn't a problem either. About your set, whoa.. (^-^) I can completely understand, no more need 2 be said. I know that kind of attachement. I have some with some of my equipment as well... Heh, heh...
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  3. Wow, you like the long posts, don't you. >>;; Nah, it's great to hear about all this.

    And terabytes of data?! That's a lot... I can understand why it would take so long to find it. I usually delete my stuff, but I guess it would be convenient to keep it around... Do you organize it at all? I can't imagine how long it would take to find something you wanted if not.

    And yeah, that sounds rough... like really... it sounds like you have more important things on your mind than editing manga. I'm really grateful you're even taking the time to find it with all of that happening.

    Yeah, it sounds like you'd be a great cleaner. What would you want to work on? Would new Akagi chapters be okay?

    Ok, do I need to download anything for SFTP? Or is it online, or what? I've never heard of it, tbh... XD