Sunday, September 18, 2011

Akagi Chapter 60

And a new chapter in only... 5 days? I'm getting closer to my normal speed now, but who knows if I'll be up to speed any time soon. Anyway, 60 is now up, wherein Akagi is given the 1984 treatment by the Kurata Group.

Also, if you haven't been reading the comments on these blog posts, we may or may not be getting all the chapters up to v19 soon... s3k70r apparently has them and is looking for them among his dvd's. I'm sure I will not be the only one to fangasm if that happens.

- Akagi accepts the offer to bet all his money
- The Dealer suggests that Akagi do the bet prior to his roll, which Akagi counters by having a physical bet rather than a verbal one
- The roll is Even, just like Akagi's bet, but the Kurata group pretends it was Odd and tries to take Akagi's money
- Akagi gets the most pissed we've ever seen him, and sentences the group to hell.

Yeah, technically a new chapter, but all of this was kind of implied to have happened in the Anime, anyway. Well, except the betting-before-roll part and the 5/10 yen coins being Odd/Even. I think Akagi's reasoning behind the coin bit was that he knew or at least suspected that the Dealer could manipulate the dice, so obviously betting first would allow them to simply make the roll the opposite of his bet. It was also to make it unquestionable that he had bet on Even, even if it didn't exactly work.

The Kurata group could very well be the lowest, cheapest group of antagonists ever, certainly in the series. They lost fair and square with their own rules at their own game, but forced Akagi to give his money to them, anyway. I suppose this is the downside of having no backup, though, since if the Inada group had been with Akagi, it would be a different story. Akagi certainly thinks of this as lower than low... he didn't care that Ishikawa was cheating, or even that Yagi was, but this goes beyond that and into the "sore loser" territory. They lost, but still forced him to pay up. And he won't have it.


  1. Wow, seeing Akagi actually lose his temper like that is interesting. Glad you're translating this part, we're getting to see all sorts of new sides of Akagi.

  2. And the Cho-han mini arc keeps a rolling, thanks for the awesome work!

    And, oh my gosh, if we were to actually get a scanlated chapters up to Volume 19, that would be so decadent. I'll keep my fingers crossed that s3k70r can find them.