Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Akagi Chapter 59

Wow, massive delay on this one.  There’s just a lot discussed in this chapter, meaning I had to look up a lot of things and slow down the translation. But it’s out, and hopefully 60 will follow soon after.

Also, still no response from Sasayaki about 115. I’m thinking she might not want to translate any more, or maybe she’s just going through some busy times. Dunno. But you still have me! You ALL still have me!!

- Akagi pwns some more, the organizers’ motives are discussed more in-depth
- It is revealed that the organizers can manipulate the dice up to the moment the cup is slammed on the ground.
- Akagi is related to the “Satori”, a mind-reader from Japanese folklore.
- The Kurata group has had enough, and finally takes action, stabbing swords into the ground all around Akagi when the guests have mostly all left.
- The dice-roller tells Akagi that they won’t kill him as long as he never comes back… and bets all his money on one final dice roll.

Yeah, this chapter didn’t exactly cover a ton, but at least we now know that Akagi wasn’t totally reading the flow; he also had the dice-roller’s mind to read. If you want to know, the Satori that he’s being related to is a human-like monster who lives in the mountains in Japanese Folklore… from what I understand, you’ll know it’s near because he reads your mind and repeats what you are thinking back to you. That sounds really creepy, to be honest… just like Akagi.

Also, did they mention in the anime the extents of the bet Akagi was making? I don’t think so… could be forgetting something. From the looks of it, the next chapter goes into all of that, and it’s very badass. There’s only a few more chapters of Cho-Han, though… I guess I can understand why they cut it out in the anime. But it’s still an intriguing section of the manga.


  1. New Akagi? Awesome. Thanks

  2. Love the yakuza tattoos in this chapter. Also great to see the cho-han stuff get fleshed out and see how they go to the point where they'd use violence.

  3. Thanks for continuously releasing Akagi. I'm a scanlator like yourself and has been doing/quitting this for quite awhile. About... almost 2 years ago... I think... Me and Little Buddha scanlated Akagi about upto volume 19. I was the cleaner & typesetter for that. He was supposed to upload by-the-volume all the stuff we did onto Mediafire. I'm not sure if he ever did do that as he disappeared, I'll have to dig around my storage and see if I still have those volumes compressed/backed-to to DVD-5 somewhere. If so, I'll send 'em off to you and you can post them if you want to, first I gotta see if I have them thou, as Little Buddha is gone. At this scanlating thing myself, I can do about ~4 chapters a day if I have the energy, translating, cleaning, styling, thou I'm in hiding at the moment, so I don't have internet where I'm at, and hacking WEPs on those WiFi networks does give a headache... Anyway, enough about all that. Thanks 4 continuing to do Akagi. This is definitely the manga 2 do. I know you understand what I mean. Later man.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention something... The last chapter of Vol.5 you did, right after the last double-page you missed a page (didn't even include it in the zip) It is when Urabe places down the 1-sou. It's right before the page when he thinks 'It's all about speed'. Yea... Anyhow I ended up scanlating that page myself and inserting it in the chapter. Check it and see if you can re-up it for the others or maybe the next time I'm online I'll send my finished one off to you. Thanks man.

  5. Wow, are you serious...? All the way up to volume 19?! That's pretty awesome, man! If you do find them, definitely send them my way... my email is shinichiakiyama@hotmail.com . I don't want to take credit for it, so how should I credit you guys? LittleBuddha & s3k7or or something? That is, if you find it, of course. XP

    Whether or not you do, you say that you can translate, as well? And at 4 chapters a day...?! If so, you could start on the chapters after v19, yeah? I might slow you down if I did the editing, though... I usually get 1 chapter out every 2 days, top speed. Though having the translation would probably speed it up a fair bit... I won't be doing 4 chapters a day. So if you want to just do it all, I'd be more than happy to upload it to a separate account.

    And yeah, I see what you mean... I must have missed that one somehow. Of all the pages to miss, I guess I could've done worse, though. XP Sure, you can send the new one over; i'll re-upload it.

    Thanks for telling me all this!!

  6. Thanks for being so loyal to us!!

    I was getting very worried when there was no word on new translations, but no there seems to be a string of light :)

    I can't imagine what it would be like if we could get our hands on all the volumes up 19 (*_*)

    btw, forgive my nitpicking, but you spelt "deity" wrong on page 113.

  7. Thanks 4 the kind words... Sorry I can't reply as fast due to me not having net access atm. I'm sorta in-hiding/on-the-move if I can say that. Just some really suspicious fuckers/cops/what-not around where I live, so I have 2 stay-out/as far away as possible from the place until things cool down. Aside from that nightmare, I've searched around a few DVD's and haven't found my Akagi directory or Ten for that matter, (I think I have them on the same disc) I just have these discs at different locations, so I might have to go across town to look in some boxes/cupboards there for them. But I'm positive the last chapter of Akagi I finished-off was 160 (the last chap. of vol.18)
    I think you're doing a very fine job, I noticed you use more fonts than before. Scanlator instinct I guess u could say... (^-^). You know... keep-on doing them until I find (or IF I find them) then I'll alert you. Also I really wanted to do a work by Fukumoto called 'Gin to Kin' for awhile which is about betting/gambling/horse-races etc. It's been done only upto ch.6 then abandoned. Think about it first, if you agree I'll work together on that work with you starting at ch.7. We'll work out who does what as I think your translations are pretty accurate / and flow like waves if you know what I mean. You have skill. We both like mahjong afterall... (^_^) I'd love to somehow exchange my marble chinese set (very good condition/no numbers on the upper right-hand corner, flower/season tiles, no riichi sticks) for a traditional jap. set. I don't care if it's wooden or has slightly been used. I only know how to play by the Japanese National rules... So if anyone would like to trade/or make a deal of some sort we'll work something out on that matter. I suppose I'll take a few snapshots of my set at different angles. We're most-likely in different countries, but we'd arrange some type of air-parcel transfer which would take as little time as possible. Thanks 4 your work with Akagi FKM. Keep it solid man.

  8. Wow, man, that sucks about the needing to hide away... where do you live? And I understand that you can't get online much.

    Yeah, if you can find the other chapters, it would be a dream come true!

    I've heard of Gin to Kin, but I think it would be better to get Akagi totally scanlated first, even though I hear it's a fantastic manga. But if you don't feel like working on Akagi, that's fine. How good are you at translating, cleaning, and typesetting? I'd like to do the typesetting if you don't mind; most of the "flow" you mentioned gets added while I'm filling in the bubbles, and it helps to know how much space I have to give the best wording. So if you could do the translating, that would be the best, but if you feel more comfortable with the editing processes, I can understand that.

    Yeah, I doubt you'll be able to trade it here... I have a Japanese set, but it's one of the two things that I'd save if my house was on fire; the other being my laptop. So I'm not gonna trade it. XD

    Thanks for updating me!