Monday, September 5, 2011

Akagi Chapter 58

Wow, this chapter was hard to do. Took me a good 6 days or so. But for waiting, you get 19 or so pages of new content! Lucky you! (Oh, and I decided to change the name of Odds & Evens to Cho-Han, to avoid confusion with this other game called Odds & Evens.)

Also, I've emailed Sasayaki about Akagi 115, but she hasn't responded. Stay tuned.

- Talk of Akagi's real motives
- Talk of Akagi's being like the hottest of hot fires
- Talk of where Washizu got his money
- Talk about Ohgi's part in the scheme
- Yasuoka's talk about his own gamble with Akagi
- Cho-Han in its full.

Okay, lots of new content in this one. Before we get to the really juicy part, lemme go in order through the first parts. First, Akagi's supposed desire for death is touched upon by Yasuoka. This is brought up again and again in the later parts, but it's interesting to see it foreshadowed as far back as here, and probably even further back if we want to look at it. The fire metaphor was okay, but I felt like it was unnecessary. Something important that's new to this chapter is how Washizu got his money; through his consultancy firm. This probably does get expanded on later, but it was interesting that they cut it out. The Inada group does sort of just appear out of practically nowhere in the anime, so it was good that there was some buildup here. Yasuoka seems more reckless in the manga, since he's ready to just jump in and seal the deal without even knowing if the man in Chiba is Akagi or not. Maybe Akagi's gambling instincts got to him.

And of course, Cho-Han. I can't believe they cut out so much of this in the Anime, it is badass to extremities. I thought Akagi's victory against Ichikawa was unlikely, but the odds of him being undefeated for however long he's been doing it are insanely low. Every match doubles the denominator. There's no way around him having some kind of divine gift at this point; he can see the future. And what's more badass is how it's supposed to be a player vs player game, but he takes the battle to the organizers. Looking forward to what happens next.


  1. Thanks for the chapter, I loved seeing more Cho-Han because as you mentioned it was really bare bones in the anime

  2. I am so looking forward to what is coming next, since this part of the anime is where we get so much of our current understanding of Akagi. I'm happy to get to see the manga version. And glad to get more Cho-Han.