Sunday, September 25, 2011

Akagi Chapter 115

Woo, another installment of Akagi! This time, we get an omen of something to come from Washizu's hand... what could it be...?!

As usual, thanks go to Sasayaki Yako for the translation, and read the chapter or be spoiled.

- Washizu decides to follow his revelation and wait to see how his hand will change.
- Yasuoka draws the 8-man and plays it, expecting Washizu to win off of it
- Washizu instead calls Kan, much to his lackeys' confusion

Yeah, this chapter really caught me off guard... everything up to here was pretty predictable, but this chapter just through all that out the window with Washizu's Kan. I think I have some idea of what he's planning, but if he manages to actually do it, he really does have the luck of the devil.

Besides that, though, Yasuoka's dealing of the 8-man made a lot of sense to me... If Washizu won with it, he'd still be avoiding a Tsumo. If not, Akagi wouldn't lose any blood. This third option was just inconceivable... but Yasuoka really couldn't have avoided it. If he broke up his tenpai, there would be a very small chance of getting it back, and Washizu might have even won, still. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter.


  1. Once again, thank you for the release!

    This is beginning to remind me of Saki's prophetic style of play. I've done this once or twice, but I can't imagine relying on it when I'm actually risking something...

    (Then again, that's just the reason Washizu made it this far to begin with. Let's not forget how close he was to a counted Yakuman a few chapters ago.)

  2. thanks to both of you for the double release, amazing stuff. stumped as to how he'll hit his tsumo with one draw - maybe some thing to do with the 70 discard count mentioned earlier? this is gonna drive me crazy.

  3. It's a double Akagi weekend! Praise the lord!!!

  4. Thank you guys for doing this! I finished a while ago the anime, but didn't know there were people so cool to actually translate this. I'll make sure to show my appreciation on every release ;D