Sunday, August 21, 2011

Akagi Chapter 56

And the final chapter of the Nakai arc is up, just in time to entirely miss the weekend rush! This one was probably the best of the whole arc, resolving the whole arc, as well as Osamu and Akagi's relationship, very nicely.

Also, I should point out that there are probably a number of polls on the sidebar by this point, but the first one is the one I'm really interested in; what I should do after this if I have time in between Yako's translations. I'm interested in starting some other manga, but you might want to have the gaps filled in in Akagi first.

As usual, and especially for this chapter, read it or be spoiled!

-Nakai changes up the signals to his partners, but still loses the South 2nd and 3rd rounds.
-Nakai gets a Baiman hand in the South Fourth, but Akagi puts a stop to it by turning his own signals against him.
-Akagi gives Osamu his money back and walks away into the night.
-Nakai explains to Osamu why he can't go with Akagi; they are too different.

If there's one thing this arc did as a whole, it was wrap up the Urabe arc... Now we know why Akagi didn't stick around with Osamu. But I still feel kind of sad that he did leave Osamu... I think he had a real connection, but Osamu is the first person that he's ever done so with, so he doesn't know how to handle it and just leaves without saying good-bye, like he's done his whole life to that point. It makes me wonder if they ever met up again in the over 20 years between the presumed end of Akagi and the start of Ten... accidentally or otherwise. Akagi definitely changed Osamu's life, and probably felt good about himself for doing it... which helps to explain why he's more sociable by the time we see him in Ten.

As for Nakai himself, I found him a morally unethical person for the most part, but the final pages of this chapter made me have a bit of respect for him... he lost all the money he has, but he doesn't break down and cry, he takes it like a man and licks his wounds. I do get why he cheated, since he had to have a backup plan and stuff, but it makes him seem really rotten after all that talk about Akagi being nothing but a cheater. A good antagonist overall, and helped to show how little hustling would work on Akagi.

As for the 3 rounds covered in the chapter, Akagi definitely fulfilled his promise to Osamu that he'd go on a winning streak; the only round in the South set he lost was his turn as dealer, and that helped speed things along anyway. Nakai was already defeated in Chapter 55, looking back... but it was totally badass that Akagi figured out their new signals without really needing to at any point. Nakai lost the South Fourth Round as soon as he got into Tenpai; that 1-man single wait required that he either play it himself to change up his wait or have his Right-Hand ally play it, allowing Akagi to Atama Hane.

Overall, a very worthwhile arc, IMO. I think Madhouse should do an OVA of it at least, if they don't use it as "Flashback Filler" sometime in Season 2 of the anime. It really gave some depth to Akagi's character that we didn't have before, and resolved the Urabe arc nicely.


  1. Thanks for more Akagi!

    I can't get enough of his ability to read people. FKMT really knows how to express this sort of character.

  2. Thank you so much for the translations! I loved seeing this part, I really hope they do make it into an OVA one day like you said.

    Also, in regards to the poll, I'd personally prefer you to do more Akagi, as it's my favorite series by Fukumoto, and I'd love to be able to read more of the manga, even if it was parts that were covered by the anime.

    Other than that, Gin to Kin is in pressing need of a translation, though it's kind of a big commitment. If it's something you're working on with any spare time you might have left, it might be better to do something shorter like Pen-chan or Hero. There's also a one-volume spinoff sort of deal that Fukumoto did called "Ginyanma." The first five chapters deal with Ginji from Gin to Kin, but there's also a one-chapter story about Endou from Kaiji in there! At least, that's what I've been able to gather, I can't be sure without knowing Japanese. If you want a link to the raws of it, though, a kind person on tumblr uploaded them for everyone here:

  3. Thanks, was a great mini arc.

    Kinda wish there were a few more mini battles like this for akagi - I love how fkmt represents character through mahjong play.

    You're way too kind with the poll, personally I'd love to read more Gin to Kin, but if you've got the free time you should have a go with whatever you want. I know theres a wealth of untranslated psycholgical/mahjong type manga out there from browsing baka manga (desperately looking for akagi substitutes) so go for what you'll enjoy the most.

    Thanks again, love your blog (although it took me a while to find. maybe you could put a link on the releases?)

  4. Heh, cool, thanks for your comments, you guys. :D

    I think I will do Akagi Vol. 7-10 with any spare time I have; it's easy enough, and pretty much everyone who voted was okay with it. Should I release the old chapters when I finish them? Or just release them all at once at some point, like when we finish a volume of the New chapters?

    Oh, and I was thinking it'd be awesome if we could have a mahjong day or something on ... I noticed that there's a private lobby for english speakers, so we could use that. Maybe on the weekend or something.

  5. Ah, Anonymous... our love for one another rings true throughout the world of the Fukumoto fandom. I love you in more ways than there are CCs in your bloodstream, or millimeters in my ear canal!

  6. I'd be totally down for a mahjong day on! And personally, I vote for you to release them in one big volume to save you the burden of uploading each chapter individually. As much as I look forward to your blogposts for each chapter, I don't want you getting overworked or anything!

  7. Yeah a release per volume is totally fine. Since we get new Washizu chapters I won't be reading them soon anyway. But of course its very nice to have them for the archive.
    I am also interested in other FKMT mahjong manga though. Unfortunately theres not much info in english available.

  8. lol, releasing them by chapter is as easy as zipping up the folders and uploading them. It won't save me much trouble to just do the volumes as a whole. But I understand that you guys might want slower releases on that one so you don't forget what happens in one arc or the other. There's a poll up for this if you wanna check it out.