Thursday, August 18, 2011

Akagi Chapter 55

Whoo, School takes a lot of energy... I feel like I took a long time on this chapter, but maybe it wasn't all that long, seeing how it was only 4 days. But anyway, 55 is up, and Nakai is beginning to feel the heat, even with his advantage. As always, read the chapter or be spoiled!

- Akagi explains to Osamu how Nakai and his friends are cheating, while picking up his favorite brand of cigarettes.
- We hear Osamu explain the signals that Nakai and pals use as they happen.
- Nakai wins a hand off his Rightmost buddy and smugly states that he's catching up to Akagi.
- Nakai gets another hand from his Rightmost buddy, but is Atama Hane'd. He suspects that Akagi figured out the signals, but can't believe that he could have done it so fast.
- After winning a cheap hand and advancing to the South Set, Nakai gets his leftmost buddy to deal in to avoid an Atama Hane again, but Akagi stops it by forcing him to take a cheap direct hit instead.
- Nakai has had it, and takes his Allies to the bathroom to change their signals.

Akagi is such a beast. What's his reaction to having to fight 3v1? "I'm up against 3 amateurs... I'll take them apart quick." I've read ahead, so I won't spoil anything, but the next chapter is freaking amazingly badass. As was this chapter... pretty much any time there's an Atama Hane, it's badass to the extreme.

Also, I like how Nakai doesn't know his own teammates' names. It's like he has a whole closet full of partners and these two were just the first he grabbed. They have names, man! Unless they actually are "Kami Cha" and "Shimo Cha" (the japanese names for the seats on either side of you)... which would make you wonder what their parents were thinking. Also, the Left one, at least, seems quite dumb from what Nakai says... if he couldn't recognize that there are certain times not to follow orders (and wait to deal the 9-pin when the turn comes back around), he really is an amateur. Or maybe Nakai was also worried about Akagi getting a tsumo on his next turn. But I don't like the generic-ness of these partners either way.


  1. great chapter thanks a lot

  2. Haha, did your twitter account get hacked or something?

  3. Yes, it did... thankfully, Twitter was smart enough to catch it and let me change my password. Thanks for telling me.