Sunday, August 14, 2011

Akagi Chapter 54

And the thrilling 54th chapter of Akagi is now up! And I'm starting school tomorrow! So I'll probably be slowing down a little bit just 'cause of the added schoolwork and stuff.

In other news, with an overwhelming majority for the option on the poll, I've decided to finish the Nakai arc before I work on Sasayaki's translations. It doesn't go on for much longer, now that I look at it... a really short arc, but entertaining nonetheless.

Finally, the Mediafire version of Chapter 54 has a bit of bonus content from the volume that you can't see on Mangafox (you can also get it in the Volume 6 zip, though). There's an advert for the Live Action version of Akagi, as well as one for a cool-looking manga called "Teppen", which is also about Mahjong. Maybe we'll get it translated someday. Dunno.

-After losing two more hands to Akagi, Nakai wins a quick hand to end his reign of dealership.
-Nakai goes on to win three more hands, one by Tsumo and one a Direct Hit Dealer Mangan from Akagi.
-Akagi excuses himself to go buy some more cigarettes, and tells Osamu to fill in for him. Nakai refuses to play Osamu, and insists that they come back quickly.
-Akagi explains that Nakai is cheating with the help of the other two at the table; it's 3-against-1.
-Akagi goes through the first hand Nakai won using cute chalk drawings.

Yeah, remember when I guessed that Nakai was more of a hustler than an actual gambler? Well, look who was right. The average person (aka Osamu) would get torn apart by this combination play... It should be quite the feat for Akagi to beat Nakai at his own game in these next couple chapters.

Also, Akagi using chalk drawings to explain the game to Osamu. There's no need to do it... Osamu remembers well enough, and we get the full shot of the hand to look at. We also have no idea where he got this chalk; it just appears out of nowhere. Apparently, he just found some chalk, and decided "hey, I could use this". Or maybe there were some kids nearby who were scared off by his being Akagi. Who knows. But one thing that's for sure is that the way he draws the 1-pin is really cute. It's just... a circle with a "1" in it. Granted, no one ever said he was an artist, but still... that's one for the fandom alongside the Monkey Toys at the factory he was in, and Yukio's arms sticking out of the ground. I demand to see it in AMVs of akagi from now on!


  1. Great chapter! How many chapters are there left for the Nakai Arc? It is rather interesting...

  2. Yep, it really is interesting... It goes to the end of 56, and the Washizu Arc starts at the beginning of 57. Looking ahead, it seems like the Odds & Evens segment near the start of the latter arc is expanded upon a fair bit... so I may go straight through to the end of Volume 7 since people were willing to wait a while for the new Washizu chapters. But yeah, the Nakai arc is really short, but very fast-paced and packed with content.

  3. using the universal fkmt archetype index you can clearly identify nakai as a 'ken' type. stab him in the hand akagi

  4. You the man! (or woman)

  5. I am male. I just find Akagi's drawings to be snuggly-cuddly adorable. Nothing wrong with that.


  6. Haha. I also wondered where he suddenly got that piece of chalk.