Saturday, August 6, 2011

Akagi Chapter 52

All right, as it turns out, I only have a week before I need to go back to school... they should not start school while it's still summer, I say.

But that aside, Akagi 52 now up, my first-ever release with nothing but new content!

- Everything!

...Ok, that list is now obsolete. How about...

- Nakai introduces himself, more or less
- Osamu's game is ripped to shreds by Nakai
- Nakai tries to bribe Osamu into introducing him to Akagi, but Akagi saves him the trouble
- Osamu gets paycheck of 1 Mil from Akagi
- Akagi tries to leave, but is stopped by Nakai

Yeah, Nakai isn't exactly the most loveable character the world has ever known, but that's fine for a villain. He does make some pretty big assumptions in the chapter, but they're pretty logical after the initial assumption that Osamu is some kind of employee of Akagi's... and that Akagi is a normal person. I don't know how much of a threat Nakai will actually be to Akagi... he's overconfident to the point where he makes an estimate about Akagi's ability based on the rumors alone, and his debunking of Osamu's game did have a fair amount of hindsight bias, despite his claims otherwise. So we'll have to see what kind of game he'll play; he hasn't given out much indication of how good he is.

Akagi sure chose the most inconvenient time to go looking for Osamu, didn't he? If he didn't show up at exactly that moment, we might not have had a story... which, come to think of it, is probably what happened off-screen in the Anime. He certainly doesn't look very pleased to be forced into a battle with Nakai... the smile literally dropped off his face once Mahjong was mentioned.

So, here's what I hope we'll get out of this arc: More on the relationship between Osamu and Akagi, Information on just how much cheating was done during the Urabe arc, and how Akagi will do playing against someone he really doesn't want to. Two of those are pretty much granted, but only time will tell to what extent. 


  1. Great! I guess you must have been really modest about your translation skills. The translations are competent and the editing leaves nothing to be desired. Your releases are much quicker than I assumed as well. Once you finished the old Akagi content, you should definitely have a try at the new Washizu volumes. That'd be like a dream come true *(^O^)*

    I don't think Nakai will pose any threat to Akagi at any moment. It will just be a showcase of how easily Akagi can win even without any cheating, and how he betrays all of Nakai's expectations. Could be wrong though.

  2. Heh, thanks. I do think that Japanese class I took helped out a lot, though... most of the stuff I need to translate is in the sentence structure, and the rest can be done by looking it up in a dictionary... the college course taught me about 90% of the grammar I need, so it'll probably be faster than it would before. And yeah, I might take a crack at the later volumes once I finish; I'd be just as thrilled as you are to get some continuation.

    Thanks for the comments, Ansan!

  3. Thanks for the chapter! As always, your translations are much appreciated. I second Osamu's suggestion of the Washizu volumes, if you have the time. I would also like to suggest separating the loose chapters into volume folders, possibly along with a volume archive, to make the folder a bit easier to navigate.

    Thank you for your efforts!