Monday, August 8, 2011

Akagi Chapter 100

A bit of a surprise release here, unless you've been stalking my mangafox account... Sasayaki Yako allowed me to revise her release of chapter 100, so I figured I may as well do that. I'm not gonna do a whole analysis here, since it's kind of hard to just jump in the middle of things, but this was a really fun chapter to do with all the shouting and stuff.

So basically, I asked Sasayaki if she wanted to translate from Chapter 111 onwards about 4 months ago... she just responded and said that I was free to redo 100 if I wanted and that she'd start on translating! So new chapters are in the works, both of the Nakai arc and Washizu arc. We'll see which one is faster at releases. Akagi 53 should be out tomorrow.

Oh, and with the addition of 100, I've re-uploaded the volume 11 and 12 complete zips on my mediafire. Dunno if it's worth a re-download, but both of them are certainly looking more complete.

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