Saturday, July 30, 2011

Akagi Chapter 50

Whoa! We're done with the Urabe arc! Next chapter will be a "segue" chapter where we wrap up Akagi and Urabe's talk, then head full-speed into the Nakai arc in the same chapter. And I've already translated about half of it!

But... I'm gonna have to take a break to get caught up with schoolwork. Shouldn't last more than a week, but you're gonna have to wait for a bit longer to get new content. Sorry.

- Akagi teases Kawada-Kumichou about the 2-pin before telling him.

Yeah, another abnormally short chapter with an abnormally low amount of new content. So I got it out in a day. Other than that, not much to say; I recall a few things I wanted to say about the arc in general, but they all ended up getting covered pretty well in the manga. Akagi is a boss.

Oh, and I should have a pretty silly poll up on the sidebar in a few minutes... It'll be asking you what you think Nakai's laugh should be. All of the characters go "Fufu" and "Kukuku" when they laugh, but I've been stylizing them more or less for each character. Akagi goes "Hmm-hm-hm..." or just "Hm-hmm...", Washizu goes "Heh-heh-heh..." or "Khe-heh-heh...", and Urabe goes "Hehehe...". Just for fun, you don't have to think too hard about it.

If you need to know a bit more about him to assign a laugh, he's kind of like that one guy from Ten... the one who gets stabbed in the hand by Harada... with the sunglasses... sorry, I can't remember his name. But he looks and acts a lot like him. He's kinda smug and pushy, and I plan to have him talk pretty similarly to Urabe, with shortened words and the occasional "Niisan". Hope that's enough.

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