Saturday, July 23, 2011

Akagi Chapter 48

And here we have it, folks! The thrilling conclusion of the battle against Urabe!

-A tiny bit of more disbelief from Ishikawa both before and after Urabe's deal
-Akagi's reluctance to explain how he knew about the 2-pin at first.

Heh, I had a lot of fun with this one. I've had a font called "Cracked Johnnie" lying around that I've never used, so I broke it out in two places in this chapter, Ishikawa's epic "WHOAAA" and Urabe's epic "GRAUGHHHH". It's supposed to be for sound effects, but since I like to keep those untouched, I figured I may as well get some use out of it. Oh, and if you want to be cool, you can play this song after the match is over while reading to get the aftermath effect: Awesome job to the guy who played that.

But as for the content of the chapter itself, nothing could be more epic and shocking to first-time viewers. So shocking is it that it takes 2 full chapters to explain just how the heck Akagi did it. And the truly badass thing about it is that he didn't even have anything to lose or gain; Urabe was just a formidable opponent who he took pleasure in bringing down.

I do find it rather interesting that Manga Akagi was a bit reluctant at first to explain to Kawada how he knew to wait on the 2-pin, whereas in the Anime he easily accepted. It does sort of fit, though... Anime Akagi is more of a ruthless killer who takes pleasure in explaining exactly how he killed people straight to their faces, while Manga Akagi is slightly more of the Akagi from Ten, who's a bit more of a rebel who doesn't like to be structured and puts his immediate pleasures first. At least, that's my psychoanalysis of the differences. I might be a bit off.

Oh, and finally, I made a prediction in an earlier blog post that there would be an extra game or two after Urabe loses, since Akagi's the dealer... well, he's still the dealer in the Anime, it's just that there's a bit of a defining difference that allowed for the extra round. In the South Second Round, Urabe was in the lead, and therefore had a choice whether or not to continue being dealer (a choice that I, myself, was not aware of until I looked it up). In the Manga, he took it, whereas in the Anime, he decided to move on to the South Third Round. In both the Anime and Manga, Akagi decided not to take the extra round on his turn as dealer, since doing so would have him risk losing his lead. Either that, or it was automated differently in the Anime and Manga based on being the top-ranked player or not. So yeah, sorry to get your hopes up if I did.

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