Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Akagi Chapter 46

Whew, did I mention that college is hard, folks? I think I did. Regardless, Chapter 46 is now out, and it's the start of Volume 6! Only 5 more chapters to go until we hit the start of the Nakai arc!

-A bit more expansion when Urabe considers the risks behind playing the 8-sou on his 9th turn.
-Close to a full page of Urabe talking about Akagi knowing that his flow is slipping away.

Yeah, whoever did these RAWs of Akagi did a great job; there's none of that "gutter" shadow on the edge of the pages closest to the center, and the better part of them are already pre-cleaned. But yeah, nothing exceptionally new here, as per usual.

Oh, and I think I spotted something that Fukumoto didn't say but left a good indication that he was thinking of saying it... Right after Urabe deals the Chun on his 7th turn, it's mentioned that he is in tenpai waiting on a Haku where he can only win if he were to draw it himself. He gets out of this tenpai on the 9th turn by taking apart his hand to avoid dealing in, but 4 turns later, he draws the Haku. He's overjoyed that Akagi can't have a Haku Fanpai because of this, but he fails to recognize that if he had stayed in Tenpai for the turns leading up to it, he could have made a Tsumo and won the entire match with a garbage hand. How could he have played the 8-sou on his 9th turn, and remained in Tenpai for the remaining 4 turns when dealing in would spell death, you ask? Simple, and spoilerific. [SPOILERS FOR FUTURE CHAPTERS] Akagi wasn't even close to Tenpai when Urabe was freaking out trying to not give him the tile he needed. And he didn't get there until long after Urabe drew the Haku. If Urabe had sensed this, he could have at least kept his Tenpai long enough to draw and win with the Haku.[END SPOILERS] I'm sure I'll have more to say about this when we get to the end of the arc and I won't be able to spoil anything.

In other, I'm finding out firsthand why the characters in Akagi sweat so much... Air Conditioning wasn't invented until the 1980s or something, so they're all sweating in the heat of the room... much like me in my dorm. It's not fun, I feel all sweaty and sticky at every moment of the day. =_=

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