Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Akagi Chapter 44

Whew, this past three days seemed longer than it was. College is tough, folks. Regardless, I managed to maintain my speed and get Chapter 44 finished!

- A bit more introspection to Ishikawa and Urabe

Next to nothing is new this time around... just a few little moments. While I was editing this, though, something occurred to me... if Urabe was willing to call Kan and risk Akagi stealing it, why didn't he just play the 8-Sou when he drew it on the 16th turn, and then play another one on the 17th? I suppose we wouldn't have Akagi's big comeback if that were so, but still, Robbing a Kan isn't exactly an uncommon rule... unless they specifically disallowed it some time before, I'm not sure what Urabe called Kan for.

Regardless, I took the "safe" metaphor at the end a bit further than it actually was (talking about the dial instead of just the keyhole). I didn't see how coincidence could come into play when unlocking a lock, to be honest... even if it was a skeleton key, there's ways to tell where you need to poke to unlock it. This opposed to the dial, where spinning it around randomly enough times in opposing directions will eventually unlock the safe by sheer coincidence. Just my little addition... I figured this chapter needed a bit of variation.

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