Saturday, July 2, 2011

Akagi Chapter 43

Ba-da-boom! I'm on a roll! Well, maybe not for long. I've probably posted this on my twitter by the time you read this, but I'm going to be at an intensive college session to learn moar Japanese for a month, and I'm not sure how good their internet is up there. So I may have to wait until the weekends to do any manga editing. But it's not for sure... who knows, maybe the internet up there is lightning-fast and I can translate as much as my heart desires. Just giving you a heads-up in case I disappear for a week.

- Following last chapter's new content, there's some more talk about Urabe's suppression.

Yeah, not much is new. But it's fun to see Ishikawa getting so confused as to what Akagi's doing. Okay, I was just as confused. Sue me. Anyway, this plan hinges on the fact that Urabe will draw a bunch of risky tiles on top of two Kans... I wouldn't risk it myself, but that's why I'm here translating the manga instead of writing it.


  1. Great job on the translations. I want to thank you for your effort.
    You should continue translating the old Akagi chapters for a bit. New chapters of Akagi sounds very compelling, but approx. how long would you need for a chapter? If you need like 1 month for a single chapter it would be more wise to stick to the old chapters of Akagi and Kaiji.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking of working on the old chapters at least up to Volume 6 unless people wanted new akagi chapters really, really badly. There's gonna be new chapters during the Nakai arc anyway, so it really doesn't matter too much either way.

    I tend to take a week per chapter when working on unanimated stuff, assuming I work pretty consistently for that week. Since my class takes up a lot of my time right now, I'm for sure going to be taking the old chapters, since I don't need to devote quite as much time to those.

    Thanks for commenting!